June 16, 2021
TODAY: California Officially Re-Opens
June 15, 2021

Today, California turns the page and officially “re-opens” after what was arguably one of the most difficult and dark years in the state’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on Californians, impacting our health, economy, and overall way of life. As we re-open, here are three things you may want to know...

Unpacking California's Re-opening on June 15, 2021

by John Mavros, Fisher Phillips, June 15, 2021

With respect to the workplace, employees are still subject to the same rules as of today (i.e. masks and social distancing are required etc.). However, we expect the most recent round of revisions to Cal-OSHA’s Emergency Standards to be approved on June 17 and to be implemented shortly thereafter -- usually effective 10 days after approved, but could be sooner if Newsom issues an executive order. For the latest summary of the changes to the Emergency Standards, please review this Fisher Phillips article if you didn’t already receive it from the firm directly. Additionally, the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) just published a new FAQ on the expected changes and giving greater detail regarding employer obligations. 

With respect to the general public (guests/patrons/customers), please refer to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance on masking that went into effect today. 

Set Yourself Up for Success
Presented by Darren Cole of
June 11, 2021

If you weren't able to attend the June 11, 2021 Video-conference call for Darren Cole's dynamic presentation on how to attract room nights in the ever-changing post-pandemic landscape, you have a second chance!

Highlights include:
  • Long term guests are a new market segment that you can attract.
  • Promote your sustainability and health standards.
  • Since business travel is down, be sure that your website and OTAs feature leisure content.
  • List access to parks and hiking first.
  • Create Value Add Strategies in this highly competitive period.
Jane Geweke Willett, Past CLIA Board Member Passes Away
Jane Geweke Willett, former COO of Geweke Hospitality and CLIA Board Member in 2011 and CLIA Secretary of the Board in 2012 passed away on May 27, 2021 in her hometown of Lodi, CA.
Jane had an unusual start in life, literally. She was baptized shortly after birth. She was not expected to live more than three days due to a defective heart. She was one of the first persons to have open heart surgery performed. This would not have been possible if she had been born a few years earlier. Jane’s strength and tenacity propelled her into a distinguished career in the hospitality industry while being a wife and mother to her two sons.
Active in CLIA, the IHG Owners Association and numerous industry, community and religious organizations, Jane leaves a legacy of integrity and excellence.

In memory of Jane, donations may be sent to The Garuna Foundation,

Best practices for room attendants
By Glen O'Connor, Sompo Global Risk Solutions,

As the pandemic finally begins to wane and millions of restriction-weary Americans start to schedule long-anticipated vacations, the hospitality industry stands poised for a strong recovery this summer. This reopening period will give many hotel housekeepers the opportunity to return to work for the first time in well over a year and they will likely be accompanied by additional new hires joining their ranks. It is fair to expect that housekeeping staff members will be more prone to injuries if they have not been working, making it essential that hotels give extra consideration to keeping these workers safe during this transitional time.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts Are Driving Summer Travel Demand

A new travel trends research paper by Tripadvisor reveals that vaccine rollouts globally are driving an increasing demand for summer vacations, with vaccinated travelers more likely to stay longer and spend more on their trips than unvaccinated travelers.

The report, entitled “A Shot in The Arm for Travel? Examining the Vaccine’s Impact on Leisure Travel Demand,” provides insight into emerging travel planning trends

10 tips for salary negotiation with a candidate

With a market full of talented candidates, interviews—and making good offers—is the key to making sure you’ve got the best people at your company. The right compensation package can help you recruit (and keep!) talent for the long haul, but there are a lot of moving parts. Here are 10 tips for salary negotiation with a candidate:

1. Know the law
In some states, it’s illegal to ask candidates about their previous salary history, or what they’re making at their current job.

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