Congratulations to ARS Graduates!
Armenian one-day and daily schools have been pillars in our communities for several decades. In these educational institutions, students make vital connections to their culture, identity, language, history, and community. Since our inception, the Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA has been investing in these schools, along with the Armenian National Education Committee, and we are committed to continuing our support, so that future generations of Armenians continue to have a home, where they can connect with their heritage.

We would like to take a moment to congratulate all those students who graduated from our schools in the past several weeks. Our teachers have spared no effort to challenge our students and encouraged them to reach their fullest potential. These classrooms foster a vibrant culture of life-long learning and develop students into upstanding community members. We would like to wish the graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors and we hope that they take what they have learned here and serve the community and homeland, by any means necessary.
Here are some photos of our schools during the year or at their graduation ceremonies:
St. Stephens Armenian Saturday School of Boston, MA.
Nareg Armenian Saturday School of New Jersey.
Mourad Armenian School of Providence, RI.
ARS Zavarian Saturday School of Detroit, MI.
Taniel Varoujan Saturday School of Chicago, IL
Thank you to the Teachers!
Our teachers and principals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our schools. During the year, they even take some time to participate in professional development workshop to enhance their knowledge on the most recent teaching strategies. We would like to specially thank all of them for investing their time to nurture our future generation.