Volume 6 Issue 8: June 4, 2018

With their futures bright ahead of them, 100 local rising high school juniors got a hands-on look at the health care professions during the first Health Care and Your World event. Filling up Farragut Inn with their youthful vigor, the students from Vallejo High School and Jesse Bethel Biomedical Academy gained a taste of the graduate work that happens in their own back yard and learned the pathways for them to become a part of it.

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Dr. Shane Desselle, Professor of Social, Behavioral, and Administrative Sciences in the College of Pharmacy, will soon head to Kosovo to embark on a three-and-a-half-week Fulbright program to develop an assessment center at the University of Pristina’s Faculty of Medicine. 

"I’ve benefited so much from other people giving back when I was a student. I wanted to be sure that I could pay forward what’s already been given to me here in Vallejo where their work can carry on to the next generation."

What do you like most about being in Touro University Worldwide’s MBA program?
I like the fact I can interact with people across the world! The program is helping me prioritize more and improve my writing skills.