A Message to the Graduating Class
Dear Class of 2020, 

We know that this is not the graduation ceremony you envisioned. However, we are celebrating your accomplishments virtually and wishing you luck and success in all of your future endeavors. Our hope is that you harness your education by making a positive impact on your community, our homeland, and this world. 

It is the mission of the ARS to continue providing students with opportunities through our undergraduate and graduate scholarships, as well as to Syrian-Armenian students pursuing their education in Armenia. Just last year, we dispersed $53,000 in scholarships to help students achieve their greatest potential. We promise that COVID-19 will not stop us from doing the same this year!

Armenian Relief Society of
Eastern United States
Regional Executive Board
Behind nearly every scholarship that ARS disperses is generous funds from donors like you. We offer education opportunities to help students from all walks of life onto a campus of their dreams and towards a path to success. People with passion make things happen, so consider investing in our collective future by donating to our Educational Fund.