Cornell Campaign Surpasses Their $555,000 Goal!

$82,976 TO GO

in our Community Campaign!

We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to the Cornell Community for meeting and exceeding their campaign goal this year! We would specifically like to thank the Cornell United Way Planning team of Susan, Penny, Beth, Jamie, JoAnne, and Sandy for all the work they’ve done this year and give a special shout-out to Pat Wynn and Brandon Fortenberry for driving this campaign as Co-chairs. Cornell’s, as well as our community-wide campaign, continues through March 31 with $82,976 left to meet goal and the needs of our community.

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Christine Pearlman

UWTC Controller

I’m happy to say that as I’m writing this today, March 2, 2023, I am celebrating my 3rd anniversary as Controller for United Way of Tompkins County! 

The ability to work for the Tompkins County community is deeply meaningful to me. Preparing and sending out checks to UWTC’s partner agencies is the most directly impactful part of my job. It gives me great pleasure to prepare regular payments to our Community Care Fund partners to support their important work in our community. 

You can see Gail and I in the photo signing quarterly payout checks sent to many non-profit agencies representing donors’ designated gifts. This most recent payout was distributed to 194 agencies, totaling over $186,000. There are a lot of details that go into pulling together the information that it takes to distribute those resources out into the community, but I love details! I’m also happy and proud to report that UWTC has enjoyed 3 years of clean audits during my tenure. Each year I am excited to meet the challenges of the auditors from our independent CPA firm, Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP.

Congratulations to Cornell’s team for reaching and exceeding their goal! It’s thrilling to see the level of engagement from the Cornell University community.

We are also closing in on UWTC’s goal and there is still time to get there! I have witnessed you all partnering with UWTC in reaching and exceeding campaign goals each of my 3 years.

Please join me in rooting for UWTC to reach and exceed our campaign goal so that we can maximize our impact for the people of Tompkins County! 

UWTC Controller

Christine Pearlman

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