Exciting times await you in Cap Cana
Celebrate your success at Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa – the most luxurious accommodations in a dream destination.

Sunshine, sand and serenity...a tranquil trio of pure luxury nestled in a pristine corner of the Caribbean!
Who has earned their spot on this exclusive getaway?
Phenomenal! You read that right - 46 more Consultants have earned their place at Cap Cana! Read on for your weekly update on our trip earners! This week is a BIG one!

First, join us as we congratulate this week's new earners:

Becky Amstutz*
Samantha Anderson
Laurie Atwater
Kristi Bares
Chris Becker
Jamie Beringer
Jenny Buck*
Maria Burgos
Wendy Butler*
Peggy Cannon*
Ginger Clark
Vanessa Collicott*
Judi Daggett
Jody DeMuth
Bridgette Eaton*
Sandra Galaszewski
Debbie Guenterberg
Melissa Guithues*
Traci Hamilton*
Cindy Herbert*
Peggy Hill
Colleen Hinton*
Christine Kennedy*
Laura Klingelhoets
Audrey Konkel
Christy Kornak
Dilles Kuehl
Kari Logterman
Leigh Lott*
Jody Lyons
Charlotte Mahone
Savannah Mallory*
Mary McKay
Wendy Minten
Juliea Montague*
Lissa Morillo*
Jennifer Powers*
Peggy Pronschinske
Cathleen Reed*
Bridget Roderick*
Stephani Rose*
Sophie Simms
Jean Uhlmann
Heidi Vertz*
JoMarie Woltz*
Amanda Ziegel

Congratulations everyone! You have earned Level 1 - Trip for One, Land Only!

Next, we'd like to congratulate those Consultants who have moved up to earn a higher level.

Level 4, Two Trips - Land & Air
A special round of applause goes to Katie Asman, Veronica Galvan and NEW Consultant Christina Shake who all moved up TWO levels this week to earn Level 4! Wow!

And a warm round of applause for these Consultants who moved up to earn Level 4 as well. Congratulations! You and a guest will join us on the beaches in Cap Cana!

Lisa Bozeman
Cayli Meyers
Gina O'Sullivan
Jennifer Scheidt
Nan Sowieja
Julie Talford

Level 3, One Trip - Land & Air + One Trip Land Only
Making news this week at Level 3 are Beth Thierfelder and NEW Consultant Melissa Durante who both moved up TWO levels to reach Level 3 this week. Congratulations also go to these 15 Consultants:

Tara Bruckner
JoAnn Byus*
Katelyn Hoetschl
Tiffany Kimble*
Dianne Klopp
Chelsea Lane*
Christie LaPierre*
Susanne Meyers
Sue Nelson
Arilys Palacios-Nisler*
Jennifer Piala
Kelly Skladanek
Christina Wiedmeyer
Kelly Winchell
Melissa Yoder

Level 2, One Trip, Land & Air
And, please give these 21 Consultants your congratulations for moving up to earn Level 2 this week:

Jessi Aberle
Amanda Boutchia*
Jane Brewer*
Jackie Curtis
Elaine Gardner*
Christopher Goodpaster*
Char Grover
Peggy Sue Hammen-Schuller
Kristen Hardy
Anita Horkan*
Alexandra Lydy*
Alyssa Milbeck*
Autumn Portka*
Kate Quigley*
Kristin Rogers
Marlene Rogers
Molly Sankey
Terri Sawyer*
Kari Shepler*
Catherine Troyer*
Deby Whalen*

*NEW Consultants who started with L'BRI January 1, 2020 or later:
Attention Trip Earners!
You will receive additional information via email, including this TRAVEL REGISTRATION FORM to be completed by ALL Consultants who have earned the trip.
Please complete your registration as soon as you know your travel plans. Registration deadline is Jan. 4.
We love to celebrate your successes and recognize those consultants who are working their business with lots of Shows, Sales and Sponsoring! With just a few weeks left to earn the trip, you will want to make sure you are earning points so you can join our many trip earners.

Track your progress!
You can follow your performance in the 2020-2021 Performance Tracker found in your Business Center under the "Business" tab. Results for Consultants who have $500 or more in sales are calculated Tuesday through Friday at 7 a.m. Central Time.
Who loves extra perks?
The final TOP 15 point earners from BOTH our established Consultants and new Consultants in will enjoy PREFERRED CLUB upgrades and amenities, including butler service when they arrive at Cap Cana!
Top 15 point earners
(established Consultants)

As of Thursday morning, December 10, 2020
Kristy Lauzon
Haylie Cobb
Jodi Keller
Tori Bishop
Amber Juslen
Nan Sowieja
Cayli Meyers
Jennifer Scheidt
Lisa Bozeman
Julie Talford
Veronica Galvan
Katie Asman
Gina O' Sullivan
Christina Wiedmeyer
Sue Nelson
Top 15 point earners
(new Consultants who started 1/1/2020 or later)

As of Thursday morning, December 10, 2020
Janet Smith
Antoinette Fraeyman
Cynthia Trent
Kelli Nash
Rena Russell
Gina Pille
Susan Pantalena
Lori Martin
Susan Auger
Diane Luyken
Leigh Kirk
Maria Harvey
Bryan Lang
Amber Blair
April Birgy
For more information on this fun trip, including our TOP 100 POINT EARNERS, visit the official trip website.

And don’t forget to share your selfie with this printable sign. Let everybody know that you plan on joining L’BRI at Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa in 2021!
Fun, friendships and lifelong memories
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