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July 2022
The Shoals Undergraduate Research Group at their symposium, J. Seavey, 2022
Dear SML Community,

"Have patience; here are flowers and songs of birds, Beauty and fragrance, wealth of sound and sight, All summer's glory thine from morn till night, And life too full of joy for uttered words... O Earth! Thy summer son of joy may soar, ringing to heaven in triumph.” -Celia Thaxter

This is a bittersweet moment in the SML summer. The undergraduates who have been drinking deep from the well of wonder and appreciation for science and the natural history of the Isles of Shoals are leaving our shores and heading back to their mainland academic pursuits. We are grateful for the Shoals Undergraduate Research Group, who presented their research findings this week. Wow! They have progressed our collective understanding of seabirds, seals, toxicology, and much more! These students are leaving SML as scientists. We wish them a lifetime of discovery and success.

Next week, high school students descend upon Appledore. They will dive into college courses and high school programs aimed at sparking their passion for science. Their energy is infectious, and our job will be to channel it into exploring the tide pools, shark fishing, analyzing the green energy grid, plankton tows, and more. We will soon welcome students from Codman Academy in Dorchester, MA and Manchester, NH into custom-made, immersive, active-learning adventures that will provide hands-on exposure to marine science and sustainable engineering. For many students, this expedition will provide their first experience on boats, stepping into the ocean, living on an island, and working with professional scientists and engineers. We are excited to provide experiences that we hope will translate into new learning and career ambitions. And just maybe, down the road, we will see one or more of these students in our undergraduate programs!  
With gratitude,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Come join us for a four day artistic retreat on Appledore Island
Do you love art and the ocean? Then come join us for a four night retreat on Appledore island to paint, draw, sculpt, or any other artistic medium you enjoy! And do it all while surrounded by the sea on a beautiful island in the Gulf of Maine. Our beloved program "Seascapes and Landscapes" still has a few spots open!
Congrats to our Shoals Undergraduate Researchers!
The summer-long SML Research Groups is one of the hallmark programs at SML. It is renowned for launching undergraduate college students into the world of scientific research.

The Shoals Undergraduate Research Group (SURG) is where students take flight and transform into scientists. Undergraduates conduct independent research alongside faculty mentors and SML scientists, combining new areas of discovery with ongoing, long-term monitoring.

Our SURG students just completed their research symposium this past Tuesday which was full of great presentations. A huge congratulations to all the students and their proud mentors.

Did you miss the symposium? Watch the recording here!
Join us for the final two Rock Talks of the season
Every Tuesday night for the summer season, we host our longstanding seminar series "Rock Talks." Our presenters from around the world speak on a wide range of topics related to natural history, ecology, biology, and more.

We have two more Rock Talks scheduled for the 2022 season. Hear from Peg Brady of NOAA and Helen Cheng, a PhD Student at Northeastern University.

Our Rock Talks are open to the public via Zoom. If you'd like to see what talks are coming up and register for free, click here.

Missed any of our sessions this summer? Watch the recordings on our YouTube Channel.
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