January 2022
Welcome Emily Hayden to the Marriage in Christ Executive Board
We are delighted to introduce a new member of the Marriage in Christ Executive Board: Emily Hayden, pictured above with her husband Andrew and their three children.

Emily has been involved with Marriage in Christ since she and her husband Andrew attended their first seminar in 2014 as newlyweds. Emily and Andrew say that their roles as a host couple and as discussion leaders for the seminar have been transformative over their eight years of marriage, with the joys and challenges of raising their three boys. Most recently, Emily served for two years as the project manager for the collaboration between the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis and Marriage in Christ. She is excited to be involved with Marriage in Christ as a board member!
January 2022 Introduction to Second Isaiah
Historical Situation:
559B.C.-539 B.C. saw the rise of the Persian empire. Cyrus II, the king of Persia, defeated two of the three major powers of the time, Media and Lydia. In 539 B.C he conquered the third empire, Babylon. According to 2 Chronicles 36 and Ezra 1, Cyrus issued an edict in 538 B.C. that allowed for the slow return of the Jews from Babylon and the rebuilding of the Temple. Most scholars think that sometime before this edict, an anonymous prophet announced that Israel’s long time of punishment was over. 

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
Have you ever been a refugee or a stranger, or felt exiled?

Can you recount a hardship that resulted in a glorious reunion or act of reconciliation?

Have you ever packed light for travel, only taking one carry-on bag with you?

How do you reflect the glory of the Lord in your life?

What ordinary, everyday actions that you do for your spouse make visible the love of Christ for his church?

Have a banquet and invite someone you rarely see or do not know.

Make a New Year's resolution for your marriage. Some ideas: "We will pray together 4 times during the week"; or, "Let's begin the Praying with the Bible as a Couple: Marriage in the Bible study."

Attend a winter festival near you.

Try eating new vegetables.

Create a gratitude journal. Post your entries at various locations for your spouse to see.

Spend time together watching the birds in your area. See how many different species you find.
Through the generous support of many of you, we have raised $44,000 toward our goal of $50,000. Thank you! We are very appreciative of your support.

Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to prosper the work of our hands and for the Matrimonio en Cristo pilot seminar, beginning in February 2022.
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Come, Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts; inspire couples to desire your presence in their life, marriage, & family. Draw them to you. May we be a vehicle to reveal you to them.