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December 2020
Update on our "Get the Word Out" Campaign

In our last newsletter, we pondered the possibility of anti-integrative medicine bias in one of the profession's leading journals. Fortunately, the editor at AAHA's Trends magazine has a better-informed perspective. Look for a paper by Drs. Narda Robinson and Mike Petty on medical acupuncture for spinal cord injury (SCI) early in 2021.
10 Didactic Modules and 3-Day Onsite Clinical Intensive at our Academy in Fort Collins, CO.
Academically-oriented, rigorous study on acupuncture anatomy, physiology, and clinical approaches.
10 Didactic Modules, 10 Section e-Clinical Intensive, MAV gear kit. Live online coaching combined with asynchronous active learning.
Acupuncture fundamentals from a scientific perspective; how best to assist a veterinary acupuncturist.
ONLINE eMOVE/Certification in Rehab & Physical Medicine:

Beginning in 2021, our integrative rehabilitation and physical medicine program is evolving to a fully online course for small animal veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians. Our unique and whole-patient philosophy takes an osteopathic / integrative medicine / science-based approach to patient recuperation and long-term care for small animals. We emphasize methodologies for individuals typically encountered in general practice, geriatrics, mobile veterinary practice, and pain medicine.
ONLINE Veterinary Botanical Medicine Consultant:

This online course teaches participants science-based information on botanical remedies, including their mechanisms of action, indications, contraindications, herb-drug interactions and, for cannabis, legal and ethical concerns. Instruction comprises short videos, self-paced assignments, reading, critiques, and online quizzes. Open to veterinarians and veterinary technicians / nurses.
ONLINE Cannabis for Veterinary Professionals:

Veterinarians face many questions when it comes to cannabis.  How does it work? Is it safe? What are the quality controls? Who can prescribe cannabis? How does cannabidiol (CBD) differ from delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol in terms of clinical effects and toxicity? This course covers all of the above and more. Open to veterinarians and veterinary technicians / nurses.
ONLINE Photomedicine for Veterinarians:

Our online photomedicine course covers the physiologic basis of photobiomodulation, i.e., the manner in which the medical application of light, whether through laser or light emitting diodes (LEDs), influences living tissue.  This highly interactive and intensive program calls upon learners to use a scientific approach for the safe and effective treatment of pain, inflammation, nerve regeneration, and more. Open to veterinarians and veterinary technicians / nurses.

Learn about Dr. Narda Robinson's no-nonsense approach to integrative medicine and veterinary medicine ethics in this series of one-hour webinars. Topics include cannabis, physical therapy, essential oils, medical acupuncture, photomedicine, cruciate surgery problems in dogs, non-surgical vs. surgical approaches to disk disease, and more.