Congratulations to the  ICTH 2017-Barcelona
High Abstract Award Winners!
Catherine Cubbin - Tied
California Women with Young Children Use Active Transportation Most Often in Very Unsafe Neighborhoods Regardless of SES

Josias Zietsman - Tied
Driver Exposure - Impact of Idle Reduction Technologies

Carla Ancona
Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution and Noise in Rome

Katherine Perez
Are Barcelona’s Advanced Zones for Motorcycles Effective?

Michael Bennington - Tied
Co-Creating Neighbourhoods for Health: An Inverted Socio-Ecological Approach

Nicole Booker - Tied
Sociodemographic, Toxicological, and Lifestyle Characteristics of Seat Belt Users in a Nationally Representative Sample of US High School Students

Post-Doctoral/Early Career
Mahdieh Allahviranloo
Activity-Based Approach for the Design of Sustainable Area and Cordon Pricing Schemes

Evi Dons
Male Car Drivers Are 4-kg Heavier Than Cyclists: Results from a Cross-Sectional Analysis in Seven European Cities

Doctoral Level
Haneen Khreis
Alternative Methods for Vehicle Emission Modelling and Its Impact on Local Road Transport Emission Inventories in Bradford, UK

Elizabeth Lorenzo
Is Active Transportation Associated with Cardiometabolic Health Outcomes Among
Minority Women?

Undergraduate/Master's Level
Tamara Nahal
Factors Contributing to Winter Cycling Among Students and Employees Attending a Downtown University Campus in Toronto, Canada

Gabrielle-Anne Reid
Transforming an Alley-Way: A Place for People or for Cars

The ICTH Programme Committee is in the process of organizing all accepted abstracts into cross-disciplinary/cross-sector presentation teams. This process may take a couple of weeks to complete to ensure that team members are complements of one another. Your goal will be to develop a solid session for ICTH based on experiential learning and design thinking, but more importantly, that members of the team are sharing information and building a collaborative professional network. 

Around mid-March, a link to Google Docs will be sent to each presenting author along with instructions to begin work with the assigned team. As part of the preparation, please click on the button below labeled "Tips for Abstract Authors." This webpage includes valuable resources to help you prepare for ICTH.

The on-line abstract submission portal will be re-opened for two weeks in March so that FINAL edits can be made to your abstract in preparation for publication in the Journal of Transport & Health. An email will be sent altering you to take action.

ALL presenting authors of accepted abstracts are required to register during the early registration period, deadline Friday, 21 April. Registering early signals a commitment to your assigned team, thus preventing frustration on behalf of the remaining members if someone fails to show up.  In addition, i t is expected that attendance for ICTH 2017-Barcelona will be high due to the venue location.

If you are in need of a letter from ICTH as part of your Visa application, please contact Karyn at as soon as possible. Please DO NOT wait until the last minute and risk a denial.
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