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Congratulations to our graduates! View photos on our flickr page .
RIO Day and Graduation: Congratulations!
Thanks to everyone who participated at RIO Day on June 7! Presentations from our residents were outstanding, and we are so grateful to our moderators and support staff for their hard work. The day ended with an award ceremony and graduation for our PGY2s. More information is available online.
Message from the Chair

There are calls to better prepare our residents to engage in effective leadership. We certainly see examples of exceptional leadership among our Chief Residents, like Dr. Elise Azzi (pictured), who will be in the running for the CFPC Murray Stalker Award. Leadership in complex adaptive systems (CAS) was the topic at the recent CFPC Forum. As faculty, we all play leadership roles in many different contexts, and understanding and modelling our leadership skills in these systems takes work!  
Publication for last year's FMRSP award winners

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Myran and Dr. Jillian Bardsley (pictured, received the 2017 OCFP Resident Research Award), the 2017 recipients of the CT Lamont Award for Excellence in FMRSP. On June 1, their research project, Abortion education in Canadian family medicine residency programs, was published in BMC Medical Education!
Mary Lamont offers her Congratulations to QI Project Winners

This year's winners of the CT and Pat Lamont Award for Quality Improvement, Dr. Eddy Malouf , Dr. Flavia Sendi-Mukasa and Dr. Leigh Waters (pictured with Dr. Paul Crabtree), sent a note of gratitude to Mary Lamont, daughter of the late CT and Pat Lamont.
What are you doing after graduation? Keep an eye on our job board for opportunities for family physicians and recent graduates! 
Coming soon! The NEW DFM
Brightspace Virtual Campus
Plans are underway to launch a new Virtual Campus on Brightspace to replace the DFM Portal. The new resource will be mobile-friendly, searchable, easy to update and Collaborative. Read more about the New Virtual Campus on our website .
A New Concussion Management Resource

An exciting new resource has just been made available to the public.  SchoolFirst will guide all Canadian elementary and secondary students returning to school after a concussion. 
The first annual OASIS workshop was a success!
On May 12th, 2018, twelve Family Practice Anesthetists from across Canada, including the DFM's Dr. Richard Waldolf , congregatedat the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre for the first annual Ottawa Anesthesia Skills Integration and Simulation workshop (OASIS).  
Research and Scholarship News
Bruyère Deprescribing Guidelines Team lead recognised with award

Dr. Barbara Farrell (with the CTLC and Bruyère Research Institute) received the Ontario Pharmacists Association award for Exceptional Achievement in Research and Academia for her leadership in the field of developing deprescribing guidelines to help clinicians reduce and stop unnecessary or potentially harmful medications. Dr. Farrell’s team recently completed a feasibility pilot with several community pharmacists and is now embarking on a community engagement study in the Champlain LHIN to examine ways in which members of the public can be engaged and supported to have deprescribing discussions with their health care providers. Visit their website ( deprescribing.org ) and follow @deprescribing on twitter for up-to-date news. A series of twitter chats and webinars are planned for this summer.
Join us on  June 28, 2018 between 8:30am and 10:30am.  View the poster.
Apply for the Grant Generating Project

  The Grant Generating Project (GGP) is calling for applications for the 2018-2019 Fellowship. Visit the website for more information. The deadline is July 6.
Abortion education in Canadian family medicine residency programs , Myran et al. BMC Medical Education (2018) 18:121   
Awards and Distinctions

In recognition of our talented residents, faculty and staff, the DFM recently unveiled a Recognition Wall outside of our teaching space at 850 Peter Morand - be sure to check it out on your next visit!
Recent award recipients at the DFM include:
  • Dr. Claire Kendall, Bruyère Physician Professionalism Award
  • Dr. Chuck Adamson, Bruyère Physician Professionalism Award (finalist)
  • Dr. Lyne Pitre, Montfort Hospital Illios Prize
  • Dr. Marie-Hélène Chomienne , Montfort Hospital Antares Prize
  • Diane Lachapelle, Montfort Hospital Canopus Prize
  • Barbara Farrell, PharmD, Ontario Pharmacists Association Award for Exceptional Achievement in Research and Academia
  • Kim Rozon, Diane Lachapelle, Pascal Laliberté and Julia Testa were all nominated for uOttawa PGME Administrator Awards, which were presented at the May 23 PGME Administrators' Retreat
Faculty Development
Thanks for attending the Summer FacDev Half Day! View the photos .
Community Teaching
Congratulations to all of our Community Graduates! We had a wonderful celebration at Sidedoor Restaurant.  View the photos .