Preschool Two Day
It's that time of year again when we celebrate all of our students' accomplishments and look forward to the long warm summer days and warm nights.
For the months of May and June, we wrapped things up with the letters V, W, X, Y and Z. Our students practice the sounds each letter makes and used their working finger to trace each letter starting at the top. The shape rectangle, Numbers 9 and 10 were our shape and numbers of May and June. Our color of May and June was the color purple. Our students made a Whale, Xylophone, Yarn flower, a Zoo for our letter crafts. We are so proud of our twos who have come a long way transitioning into the classroom daily routines, using their words to communicate with their peers and teachers, recognizing letters, numbers, shapes and colors, and most importantly developing friendships.
Our trip to the library proved to be a fun time visiting with Librarian Risa from the Tuxedo Library. It's always a joy to participate in story time and create a fun craft at the library. Our annual Mother's Day tea celebration was a big success. The children enjoyed celebrating their mothers for all they do day in and day out. Having yummy treats to enjoy helped add to the celebration. Our students were hard at work preparing for our moving up/graduation ceremony. Learning all new songs and how to take a bow helps to make for a great performance.
Lastly, we'd like to thank all our parents for the privilege and honor to be your child's very first teachers. It has truly been a joy to watch them grow and learn new things each day. As they move on, they will each hold a special place in our hearts. We wish them all the best and hope they enjoy each moment of their summer break!
Ms. Michele
Ms. Carole
Preschool Three Day
We began the month of May by taking a field trip to the library. The students love Ms. Risa and enjoy her energy and enthusiasm for sharing new stories with them.

We were able to celebrate our mommies during our Mother’s Day Tea. The students prepared gifts to be given out and sang songs to honor their mothers. 

In May, the students learned the letters W, X, Y and Z and created letter crafts each week to help them remember the formation and sound of the letter. They created a whale, xylophone, yo-yo and zebra. 

We’ve been reading a book of the week. During May, we read A House for Hermit Crab, The Grouchy Ladybug and Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth by Eric Carle. We created fun crafts that went along with the books and focused on different areas or concepts in the book. The students especially enjoyed seeing a real hermit crab that visited our classroom. We also read The Windy Day by Anna Milbourne as we began our weather unit. After discussing the wind and how it can move, each student felt the wind from a fan and played with bubbles blown by the teachers. We even created a windy day hair craft by blowing air through a straw onto watercolor paint to create “hair”. We read Skyfire by Frank Asch and we began talking about rainbows. The students created a rainbow craft. As a class, we performed a science experiment of "walking water" where we watched how colored water walks up the paper towel. 

In June, we finished up our weather unit with clouds. The students even got to make their own cloud with water, shaving cream, and blue food coloring. The students were transfixed as they watched it “rain”. We read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud during the week and created a rain cloud craft. The students even got to write letters in clouds (shaving cream). 

We ended the year celebrating Father’s Day and Flag Day. The books we read and crafts we created centered around those two themes. 

We have been finishing up our writing workbooks with our alphabet and number review as well as reviewing Mat Man with songs and then building Mat Man using wood pieces. The students then drew Mat Man. 

We created a mini greenhouse in order to grow bean seeds and watch them grow. 
The three year olds will be moving up to the PreK class and are so excited. Although we will miss them, we are happy we had the opportunity to join them on their education journey.   

Miss Amanda
Miss Carole
Preschool Five Day
The Pre-K class should be proud of their accomplishments this year. They worked hard to achieve the goals we set for them during the last nine months. Congratulations - Aria, Jack S., Jack G., Liam, Sophia, and William!!

We completed the curriculum and reviewed a lot of material in May and June:

Vocabulary: We finished the chapters School and Animals. Students learn the spelling, pronunciation, and definition of words.

Writing: The students used their books to write letters, numbers, words, sentences, punctuation marks, and paragraphs. They've come a long way since September.

Math: We completed our I Know My Numbers #9 and #10 booklets. We continued our chapter - Data Representation and Probability.
Children make an analyze pictographs. They predict the likelihood of an outcome while discussing real world events. We started the chapter Measurement and Time. Students learn to sequence events in time. They compare weight of objects using heavy and light. Children compare spaces using narrow and wide. They compare the capacity of containers using holds more and holds less.

Language and Literacy: We completed the chapter - Writing. Children use scribbles, pictures, and letters to communicate an idea. They choose topics and generate ideas about which to write. Students also continued working in and finished their My Book. Then, we reviewed onset and rimes of words, compound words, syllables, rhyming words, and matched uppercase and lowercase letters.

PATHS: With the help of the PATHS animals, we discussed what makes us feel comfortable and uncomfortable. We also talked about feeling excited and the things that make us feel that way.

Chapel: The Pre-K students will miss meeting with Father Rick on Wednesdays to listen to a bible story, sing songs, and pray.

Mother's Day Tea was a very special day for everyone. Our field trip to the library was lots of fun - thank you Miss Risa!!

It is bittersweet to say goodbye to the students who are off to Kindergarten. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We wish you much success and happiness.

Miss Ida
Miss Cindy
St. Mary's Community Preschool
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