We send you on with love 
September/October 2017


Radiation Oncology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Albert Koong 2017


an ode to Dr. Albert Koong
It's hard to say 'Good-bye'

To one we've all loved so,

But it's time for him to move on

So off he now must go.

Stanford has always been his home

They have nurtured him each day,

But MD Anderson* did want him

So we send him on his way.

Great memories he has left behind

With his wit, intelligence and charm

But much more is in store for him

So he had to leave 'The Farm'.**

So it's not 'Good-bye' but 'Good Wishes'

We all do send with you.

For our mutual goal is to cure cancer

And that is Dr. Koong's goal too.

Sue McCollum ©
*MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Institution in Houston, Texas
**The Farm - A campus nickname, derived from the days when horses rather
           than students roamed in what previously was the farm of university
founders Leland and Jane Stanford.

Message from
               Sue McCollum

As Dr. Koong goes to MD Anderson we send him with our blessings and thanks for all he has done for My Blue Dots and for the Stanford University Medical Department. Dr. Koong has been a major supporter of My Blue Dots and our mission and we will miss him. He is a man of character, integrity, discipline, wisdom and wit and will takes these qualities with him. As he begins this new chapter in his life we wish him continued success.

                               Until Next Time...          

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Dr. Koong has been a great support and encouragement to My Blue Dots and our mission over the years so I salute him in this way.
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