May 3, 2021
Northland Families,

Please join us in congratulating our PK/Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers of the Year! Teachers are selected through a ballot process by their peers. All of these individuals are a wonderful representation of the very best that Northland has to offer.

Our students are blessed to have such wonderful teachers, and we are grateful they choose to serve at Northland!
Here are a few things that their peers had to say about them:
PK/Elementary Teacher of the Year - CELIA TOSH

Mrs. Tosh was new to teaching PK4 this year, but that was not evident to anyone who didn't know that fact. She also had several PK4 online students, and quickly learned how to engage those students as if they were in the classroom. Later in the year, she went above and beyond to assist with the entire PK4 program in support of her teammate during a challenging time.

The learning that takes place in her classroom everyday is fun, innovative, and original. The children are working with their whole bodies as they learn. They are actively learning all day!

In a very challenging year and new classroom she excelled and did not complain.
Middle School Teacher of the Year - KELLY HEARN

Mrs. Hearn loves her students and it shows. She has been able to successfully teach orchestra online and face to face to her students this year without lowering her standards. I am always amazed at the quality of her concerts (either virtual or face to face) each year. Northland is blessed to have such a talented and enthusiastic orchestra teacher.

Mrs. Hearn has made orchestra happen for her students despite hybrid learning, social distancing, and concert limitations. Students still had virtual concerts and ensemble performances because of her creative solutions and hard work. The creative opportunities and time performing together has been especially important for her students this year.
High School Teacher of the Year - KYLE ROGERS

Mr. Rogers really cares that his students learn and appreciate art. He has worked tirelessly to get teaching videos made to make sure the online students have the best experience possible in his class. And, the kids love him!

Mr. Rogers is doing it all this year--literally!! I know his high schoolers love and respect him; he teaches them and also works to teach them life skills for when they get out of high school. I love that he bonds with the seniors; he eats with them just about every day, forming connections with them. The art kids love "Kroger", but the non-art kids also love him. It is impressive to be that accessible to kids that are into your specialty while also being a safe space to those that might not be the artsy type.