Congratulations to the
2020 8th Grade Class!
We know this is no complete substitute to the real deal of 'walking the stage' and being all together to acknowledge the hard work each of you have put in, but we hope to share some joy with you through these activities and videos, as you transition on to High School.
Check out all the awesome activities below!
Virtual Roller Coaster
We may have missed out on the bus ride and the sugary food at Great America but we don't need to miss the action!!! Check out this virtual Roller Coaster Activity form Great America!
Party Mix from DJ T!!
Get read for the ultimate Bedroom Dance Party ! Watch DJ T on the turn tables as he mixes the freshest beats for your audio enjoyment. He put together a one hour set, based on your song recommendations.
Be sure to listen closely as there might be some student recognitions from your very own Marina Teachers and Staff popping up throughout the set.
Marina Teachers say Goodbye!
Your Teachers want to say "Goodbye". We know this situation has been a challenge, and we left one another abruptly so here is our virtual way of sending you off; onto the next, new, exciting chapter of your life, High School!
Click HERE to watch!
YAY Grads!
Don't let this hoodie pass you by! Designed by our very own Jason Chen. Delivery straight to your front door!!

Check out these awesome videos giving advice on how to transition into high school!

Here and Here !
8th Graders! Check out the important information below!
Its not too late to order yearbooks!
You can still order the yearbook and have it shipped to your home! Just go to Treering.com/validate and enter the school passcode!
Credit Recovery
As we finish distance learning, we wanted to give you some information and guidance on credit recovery during the summer. If your student received a No Credit at P4 or Semester 2, they are able to make up any missed work and turn this in by the beginning of the 2020-21 school year to raise their grade.

Click HERE for more info.
Summer Resources
Need some help? Check out these resources to see what is available for this Summer.

Lockers will be able to be accessed and cleaned out in the Fall. We unfortunately cannot have students come onto campus due to health regulations and construction.

Thanks for understanding.

Congrats to all out awesome athletes this year!

Adelman, Dylan Block '20
Bui, Alison Block '20
Bunger, Alexander Block '20
Gonzalez, Janelle Block '20
Ho, Zoey Block '20
Lai, Katie Block '20
Lam, Matthew Block '20
Lau, Jamie Block '20
Li, Nicole Block '20
Moreno, Ines Block '20
Stanczyk, Reuben Block '20
Tran, Angel Block '20
Wells, Cole Block '20
Wong, Nolan Block '20
Situ, Stephanie Block '20
Kelly, Maddie Block '20
Carew, Scarlett Star '20
Chan, Genevieve Star '20
Chu, Marvin Star '20
Deng, Katie Star '20
Lawrence, Jack Star '20
Li, Susan Star '20
Li, YongZi Star '20
Tsang, Tori Star '20
Tse, Crystal Star '20
Wadginski, Rachael Star '20
Fang, Fiona St/B '20
CONGRATS 8th Graders
We will miss you!!!!