Congratulations Deb Haaland!

President-Elect Joe Biden has made history in nominating the first Native American to a Cabinet-level seat. Our very own and very loved U.S. Representative Deb Haaland will hopefully breeze through the confirmation process and become Secretary of the Interior. She will have a lot of work to do to reverse the White House’s attacks on public lands for the last four years. Be Fierce!

Meanwhile, various names are being publicized as interested in vying for the Democratic nomination to fill her vacant congressional seat. The Democratic Party of New Mexico’s State Central Committee members for CD 1 will select the Democrat who will face candidates from the other political parties in a general election.

We have an opportunity to select another exemplary New Mexico Democrat to represent us in Washington, D.C. Let's get to work!
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2021 Legislative Action Expo

Saturday, January 9
9:30-12:00 p.m.

Plans are underway for the Statewide 2021 Legislative Action Expo, to be held virtually! The Legislative Expo matches activists and organizations sponsoring legislation for the 55th legislative session, which is set to begin January 19.

The meeting offers opportunities for organizations to connect with potential supporters for their bills as well as for New Mexico legislators to conduct town halls to establish foundations for the bills they will champion.

January 27 West Side Dems Meeting –
The Year in Review and Looking Ahead

Saturday, January 9
9:30-12:00 p.m.

6:00-6:45 p.m.
Now that we’ve voted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House and swept the westside state legislature blue, what’s next? Help us look back and our accomplishments and start to plan for the future. WSD Organization and Development Chair Sue Wolinsky will lead us through the year in review.

6:45-7:30 p.m.
The Health Security Act – Improving Mental Health and Drug Treatment in NM
The bill will be introduced in the 2021 State Legislative Session.
Drug abuse tops the NM Department of Health’s list of diseases that cause death or disability in our state. Depression is #6.

Please join Dana Millen with Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign and learn how this legislation will help to relieve the suffering and disability caused by untreated mental health and substance abuse problems in our state.

The bill promises:

• More behavioral health providers in New Mexico
• Access to mental health and substance abuse care in rural communities
• Less expensive medications for psychiatric conditions
• More robust coverage for substance abuse and mental health

To learn more about the NM Health Security Act, Click Here

To register for the January 27 WSD zoom meeting, Register Here
APD Reform Stalls: An Interview with State Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas
By Gail Stephens

Six years ago, the city of Albuquerque and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) signed an agreement to begin a process of reform that would end the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD) demonstrated problems with the use of excessive force in arrests.

An independent monitor, Dr. James Ginger, was selected by DOJ to oversee the process. Last month, Dr. Ginger issued his 12th report which reported “system-wide failures related to the oversight of force by APD officers and supervisory and command review of those uses of force.” After several years of work, Dr. Ginger found “APD is on a path that reflects deliberate indifference to the requirements” of the Albuquerque-DOJ agreement.


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