March 1, 2019
Congratulations to Us!
I would like to thank all State employees personally for contributing to an outstanding Board of Regents meeting on our campus! The Regents and participants raved about the appearance of the campus, the helpfulness of the staff, and the enthusiasm of our student ambassadors. They also raved about the food and refreshment services. We put our classiest foot forward and set the bar very high for other campuses in the future. I know also that the Faculty Senate Chairs were impressed with the hospitality that Abby showed them, and the same goes for the hospitality and leadership that Nicola showed her fellow student body presidents.

Nevada State also received many commendations throughout the meeting. We were praised by Vice Chancellor Crystal Abba for having the cleanest transfer audit in the system, meaning that we have worked tirelessly with CSN to make sure that students who begin at the Community College can transfer seamlessly into related programs here without losing credits. We were also praised for our efforts to implement mandatory advising for first-time freshmen, and for our efforts to address remedial education in Math with co-requisite and stretch classes. Finally, President Patterson gave an enthralling presentation soliciting the BoR to help us think through our massive enrollment growth and how to continue to serve our students as we struggle to have enough physical space. The discussion that followed was very productive, in that it helped the BoR to focus on our particular situation and on offering solutions for us and them to consider.

Again, thank you all who made this Board of Regents meeting such a great success!

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