April 28, 2022
Northland Families,

Please join us in congratulating our PK/Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers of the Year! All of these individuals are a wonderful representation of the very best that Northland has to offer.

Our students are blessed to have such wonderful teachers, and we are grateful they choose to serve at Northland!
Here are a few things that their peers had to say about them:
PK/Elementary Teacher of the Year - Julie Mitchen

"Julie Mitchen is a Northland treasure. She has devoted her life to the field of education for the last 40 years, serving 38 of those years right here at Northland. We are grateful for her service, commitment and dedication to the students, families and the elementary team over the years. She is leaving a lasting legacy of excellence in the Northland community."

"Julie has been a great example of what a teacher should be. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help with any advice or guidance. She is an amazing teacher and I'm sure has touched many lives over the years."

"Julie is a light to all she encounters. She has dedicated her life to this mission of teaching in a Christian School and has impacted so many students, teachers and families over the years with the love of Jesus and her knowledge of math and Social Studies. Julie continues to truly enjoy the students. She laughs with them and makes learning fun and engaging every day. You never see her frustrated. She is constantly thinking of new ways to keep her students engaged and her teaching current. Her career has been a blessing to us as teachers, and many of our own children. We are proud to call her a role model and friend."

"It has been an honor to work with her. I love how she pours into her students. I was also so impressed how she handled working remotely during Covid and also how she juggled both when we were back on campus. I will miss seeing her daily."
Middle School Teacher of the Year - COURTNEY COFFMAN

"Mrs. Coffman is one of the top debate coaches in the country and is inspiring our middle school students to learn about debate while bolstering their self-confidence and fostering a love of this program. She makes the middle school kids feel important and smart!"

"Coach Court keeps a high standard and works with students to achieve that standard."

"Courtney's debate program is exemplary. The students love her and they love debate."

"Coach Court has brought her nationally-recognized high school debate program to the middle school where students as young as 6th grade may benefit from learning to research, speak and communicate effectively. She is a gem."
High School Teacher of the Year -

"Mrs. McCathran is always ready and willing to help out fellow teachers and it’s clear her students love and appreciate her."

"Amy is loved by students and staff alike."

"Alumni consistently talk about how much easier their college writing assignments are for them compared to their peers. Mrs. McCathran is often thanked and complemented on preparing students to write well in college."

"In addition to teaching six different classes including two AP courses, Mrs. McCathran is an amazing Student Council Sponsor. Her heart for service and improving our school is contagious with the students."