Zone 9 Members Earn Medals at Ch/AA Hunter West Regional Championships in Bend, Oregon
Zone 9 members had great performances at the USHJA Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter West Regional Championships, presented by SmartPak, in Bend, Oregon, July 21-23. 

The Zone 9 team of Molly Hughes, Chloe Sperling and Brylee Dickey earned the bronze medal in the combined Children's and Adult Amateur Team Championship, and Nancy Butano earned the silver medal in the Adult Amateur Individual Championship. 

Special thanks to Zone 9 Chef d'Equipe Corene Smith. Click here to read more about the Championships.  Congratulations to all of the following members who participated:

Nancy Butano earned the silver medal in the Adult Amateur Individual Championship. Photo credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA Archives
Adult Amateur
  • Nancy Butano, Bend, Ore.
  • Brylee Dickey, Bend, Ore.
  • Madison Givant, Bellingham, Wash.
  • Molly Hughes, Seattle, Wash.
  • Elise Jones, Renton, Wash.
  • Clara McDanniel, Clinton, Wash..
  • Rylie Porter, Bellingham, Wash.
  • Mackenzie Sentena, Sammamish, Wash.
  • Sarina Singh, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Emma Smith, Sammamish, Wash.
  • Chloe Sperling, Kirkland, Wash.
  • Emily Steckler, Sammamish, Wash.
  • Rachel Weston, Bellingham, Wash. 
Congratulations Zone 9 Members Participating in Late Summer EAP Sessions
Congratulations to Zone 9 members who are participating in late summer EAP Regional Training Sessions. 

L.A. Equestrian Center EAP session, July 12-16 with Joe Fargis and Anne Thornbury
  • Olivia Brandon, 16, Seattle, Wash. 
  • Hanna Morris, 16, Issaquah, Wash. 
Sonoma Horse Park EAP Session, July 19-23 with Geoff Teall and Nanci Snyder
  • Desiree Fisher, 16, Vancouver, Wash. 
  • Elizabeth Nevins, 15, Sammamish, Wash. 
Colorado Horse Park EAP Session, Aug. 1-5 with Kip Rosenthal and Nanci Snyder
  • Gage Curry, 16, Star, Idaho
Olivia Brandon and Elizabeth Nevins were awarded EAP Grants thanks to the USHJA Zone 9 Committee and USHJA Foundation.

Stay tuned to see who is selected to participate in the EAP National Training Session at Lake Erie College in Ohio. For more information about EAP, visit
EAP Athletes at the L.A. Equestrian Center session. Photo credit: Kim Miller for EqSol/USHJA Archives
Athletes at the Sonoma Horse Park session. Photo credit: Alden Corrigan/USHJA Archives
Zone 9 Championships Coming Up
Aug. 30-Sept. 3
Northwest Spectacular, Wilsonville, Ore. 

Sept. 13-17
Northwest Autumn ClassicMonroe, Wash. 

Qualifying Criteria: HOTY Championship classes are open to all competitors who meet the minimum eligibility requirements outlined here.
Apply by September 26 for USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships

It's not too late to apply to have your points count toward qualifying for the USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships! 

National Sunshine Series II  
November 10-12, 2017 
Thermal, California
Application Deadline and Points Lock: September 26

Note our new deadline and APPLY!! This is your chance to get identified by sport leadership as part of the NEW USHJA Emerging Jumper Rider ProgramAll riders who applied and met the criteria at the time of the original application closing deadline of May 1 will be invited to the Championships.
Upcoming Clinic in Zone 9
USHJA Zone 9 Committee presents
Ask the Judges Clinic with Mike Rosser and Ken Smith
FREE for USHJA Zone 9 Members
September 15
Northwest Autumn Classic
HQC Practice Questions

1. True or false? The Hunter/Jumper industry considers a horse to be at least 14.1 hands tall. 

2. Which of the following body parts is NOT found on the horse's front leg?
a. Knee
b. Stifle
c. Elbow
d. Forearm

3. True or false? A horse's diet should ideally consist primarily of roughage. 

To find out the answers, scroll to the bottom of this eNews! If horsemanship knowledge is important to you, check out the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by  The Plaid Horse HQC is a fun online quiz members 21 and younger can take for a chance to attend HQC Nationals and win prizes and scholarships to Lake Erie College.  Register here
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Aug. 8-13 USEF Pony Finals presented by Collecting Gaits Farm, Lexington, Ky.  Click for more info
Aug. 15-17 Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship, Lexington, Ky.  Click for more info
Aug. 17-19 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship, Lexington, Ky.  Click for more info
Aug. 30-Sept. 3 Zone 9 HOTY Championships-Jumper, Northwest Spectacular, Wilsonville, Ore.  Click for more info
Sept. 1 Deadline to nominate someone for the USHJA Youth Leadership Award and USEF Youth Sportsman's Award Click for more info
Sept. 13-17 Zone 9 HOTY Championships-Hunter, Northwest Autumn Classic, Monroe, Wash.  Click for more info
Sept. 15 Ask the Judges Clinic, Northwest Autumn Classic, Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, Wash.  Click for more info
Sept. 26 Application deadline and points lock for USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships Click for more info

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HQC Answers:
1. False
2. b. Stifle
3. True

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