Paradise awaits - join us in Maui!
You won't want to miss this amazing destination as L'BRI heads to beautiful Maui. It's a nature lover's paradise featuring bamboo forests, majestic waterfalls, warm sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets.
Visit the the  official trip site for all the details of how you'll be rewarded with trip points for sales and sponsoring and Shows. To see how many points you have earned so far, visit your Performance Tracker in your Business Center under the Business Tab .
ATTENTION TRIP EARNERS! Please complete your trip registration form as soon as possible so we know how many people are coming. Even if you can't join us, we would like to confirm that too. The deadline for providing this information is Monday, January 7, so please take a moment right now to complete the form.
Please join us in congratulating Consultants Char Grover, Jodi Krueger, Kristy Lauzon, Mandie Menzer, Kay Reppen, Marlene Rogers, Jennifer Scheidt, Rachael Schwandt and Susan Windsor and NEW Consultants Phyllis Gardner, Christy Kornak and Peggy Maxfield who have qualified at Level 1 for the trip to Maui!

Congratulations also to Tara Crawford, Sandra Galaszewski, Liz Kultgen, Sandra Lorenz and Kathy Roen and NEW Consultants Shannon Blair, Terri (Sassy) Buman and Jenell Klovas who moved up to earn Level 2.
Maui Top 10
As of Thursday morning, December 27, our top 10 point earners were:
Amber Juslen
Kristen Hardy
Gina O'Sullivan
Lisa Taylor
Holly Menzer
Haylie Cobb
Michele Derrick
Laurie Atwater
Sandra Galaszewski
Kathy Roen
Watch your email next week for the FINAL trip results. We are so excited to see who will qualify for this amazing Founders' Club trip!

If you’re ever curious how your points are adding up, go to your Business Center, select the Business tab, and choose “Performance Tracker” from the menu. Click on the “Open Event” button to view your current progress toward earning the trip.

Keep your eyes on your dream and save YOUR spot on the beach. Make sure you earn this trip and enjoy seeing the world in L'BRI style!