Chairman's Newsletter
Congratulations to all of our Republican candidates who won their races! Montgomery County stayed boldly RED this election cycle.

I want to thank the Republican Party Executive Committee, Republican Women's Clubs, Republican PACs, and ALL of the volunteers who worked so hard to get the Republican vote out!

The unofficial numbers show we voted more than 73% of our registered voter database, up 7 percentage points from our 2016 Presidential Election of 66% and about 16 percentage points from our 2018 General Election That no doubt was due to all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you! I am so proud to be your Chairman!

See below for a summary of individual stats for each race or click HERE to see detailed results.

Awaiting the Presidential race results, which may take several days or weeks, will no doubt create a lot of anxiety. It's too early to determine what the result will be. I remind all of my friends of Faith that regardless of the outcome, God is still good and merciful and very much in control. Please join me in prayer to humbly ask that our country is able re-elect President Donald J. Trump! I truly believe his mission of protecting innocent life and preserving our liberty will bless our nation.


Bryan Christ
Chairman, MCRP
An urgent message from our chaplain

Fellow Patriots of the Republican Party,

We want to take just a moment to come together, unified in purpose. As you are aware, last night's election is experiencing a level of turmoil which brings into question the validity of the results of the election. We are asking each of you to purpose in your heart to pray that justice will prevail over all attempted actions of evil against our sitting president. We offer this scripture for meditation and to bring you strength and courage.

"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers."  Proverbs 21:15.

This is a time of urgency, not passivity. We must diligently pray for the outcome of this election.

Together we will overcome,

Dr.Billy Graff

Chaplain MCRP
Individual race statistics

COUNTY WIDE VOTED RACES (with Dem Opponents):
President Trump: 71.23%
John Cornyn: 72.37%
Kevin Brady: 73.47%
Jim Wright: 72.26%
Nathan Hecht: 72.54%
Jane Bland: 74.86%
Jeff Boyd: 72.70%
Brett Busby: 73.16%
Bert Richardson: 74.37%
Kevin Yeary: 74.57%
David Newell: 74.80%
Audrey Young: 81.73%
Vince Santini: 75.02%
Rand Henderson: 76.61%

District Races with Dem Opponents:
Brandon Creighton: 71.91%
Cecil Bell, Jr: 80.92%
Steve Toth: 66.49%
Robert Walker: 79%
James Noack: 66.91%