October/November 2020
BHECN - UNMC 2020 Policy Forum
2020 is closing at a time of uncertainty for those working in the behavioral health field.

How will the results of the election shape national and state policy around behavioral health care?

How is the behavioral health workforce dealing with the additional stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Join us for the 2020 Policy Forum and examine how the results of the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic are both poised to have a profound effect on policies that shape behavioral health care at national and state levels.
Congratulations to BHECN's
2020 Ambassador Award Winners!
Hugo Gonzalez -
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Dr. Gonzalez received this award for his groundbreaking and inspiring work towards building the workforce for behavioral health professions and ultimately improving access to mental health services for children and families in Nebraska.
The Distinguished Service Award is BHECN's highest honor and given to individuals who provide inspirational leadership, service, advocacy, and heart in support of the behavioral health workforce in Nebraska. Read more.
Kim Hill -
Ambassador Award Recipient
Dr. Hill was nominated for the BHECN Ambassador Award due to the inspiring work she did to create a new behavioral health fellowship position at BCHHC. She facilitated communication between hospital administration and the Munroe Meyer Institute to establish the fellowship and supervised the trainee. At the end of the fellowship, the hospital hired the newly trained psychologist who now provides behavioral health services in Beatrice and a clinic in Wymore. The fellowship is considered a big success for workforce recruitment and demonstrates the value of mentorship that has been central to Dr. Hill's work within the community. 
The Ambassador Award recognizes individuals for their outstanding efforts in mentoring behavioral health students and trainees in Nebraska.
Carrie Howton -
Ambassador Award Recipient
Dr. Howton's nomination for the BHECN Ambassador Award is for her work in implementing six new human service courses at WNCC, all of which meet the Nebraska education requirements for initial licensure as an alcohol and drug counselor. She has organized behavioral health conferences, and this work has allowed rural students to explore careers that they might not have heard about otherwise.
The Ambassador Award recognizes individuals for their outstanding efforts in mentoring behavioral health students and trainees in Nebraska.
Marian Perry-Burse -
Courage Award Recipient
Marian received the Courage Award because she went to Lincoln to meet with state senators and advocate for support services for children with developmental disabilities. She also conveyed her message about the importance of insurance reform for children with an autism spectrum disorder. She also has increased the awareness of autism in her community and assured children with disabilities have a voice and are heard. 
The Courage Award, recognizes outstanding service and outreach to the community by a consumer of behavioral health services or a family member.
Havalynn Russell -
Courage Award Recipient
Russell received the Courage Award because she while at LHRC, met with students on their psychiatry rotations and shared her personal experiences with mental health. She also coordinated a monthly program called "Stories of Hope," where people shared stories about living with mental health or recovery from addiction.

Havalynn continues to teach classes on "The Power of Words" both locally and nationally. These workshops highlight the impact of labels and how the words we choose can either help or hurt people living with a mental health diagnosis.
Ann Young -
Champion Award Recipient
Young received the 2020 New Champion Award because she collaborates with the hospital's interpreters and excels at treating patients whose first language is not English. A refugee population can introduce critical traumatic situations that present only after a person feels safe. Her ability to work in a crisis mode is noteworthy and definitely in demand. Ann has also been instrumental in mentoring a growing group of LIMHPs and CSWs.

She is active in supporting the underserved populations in the Lexington community through many local organizations, and she leads a mental health support group at the local jail.
The Champion Award, which recognizes outstanding service and behavioral health outreach to the community by a professional, is awarded to two individuals this year. 
Chelsea S. Turner -
Champion Award Recipient
Turner received the 2020 New Champion Award because she provides support and resources to patients with a severe to persistent mental health diagnosis. She regularly goes above and beyond to provide compassion and empathy for her client base, including creating a Community Essentials Pantry, which assists with items not covered by SNAP benefits.

Chelsea also works with several community organizations providing a connection between services, consumers, and professional partners. She is passionate when it comes to helping patients with eating disorders and likes supporting Nebraska's youth. Chelsea is always willing to help where needed. 
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