to the Winners of the LVCC Gift Grab
Thank you to our generous bidders and to everyone ´╗┐who participated in the auction. The following winners grabbed some terrific gifts for themselves AND also gifted LVCC with $1,220 to support our literacy and English language services for adults and families!
Gift Grab Auction Winners
Ellen Barrett
Pat Bayne
Jeanne Biafore
Cheryl Duey
Karen Kellerman
Sylvia Lecky
Beth Mancini
Victoria McAllister
Chuck Radda
Carol Reilly
Mary St. Pierre
Cyndi Whitham
Special thanks to our auction donors!
We are extremely grateful for your generosity.
After all, there could be no auction
without your contributions!
Gift Grab Auction Donors
Mary DeCarlo
Pam Granucci
Vanda O'Reilly
Lynne Prairie
Maria Simao
LouAnn Smith
Southington Community Services
The Root System

Literacy Volunteers of Central CT