The Community Education Newsletter
The Community Education Newsletter
July 7, 2020
A Message to Our Graduates
IU13 Community Education, Milagro House, and the Literacy and Learning Success Centers (LLSC) had planned to hold a ceremony for their combined high school equivalency (HSE) graduates in June. This annual celebration featuring teachers, families, and friends of all ages applauding, with balloons waving, picture taking, hugging, and celebration all around. However, to everyone’s disappointment, this year’s ceremony had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Although a public gathering will not take place, we can still celebrate and recognize our students’ hard work and dedication. 

Our students balanced jobs, family, and school while overcoming child care, transportation, and health issues to achieve a goal, that for some, was years in the making.

To our students, we applaud you and wish we could see you tossing your graduation cap into the air! You inspire us, you challenge us, you motivate us. After celebrating this goal, set another one and keep learning! Keep your momentum going! We are rooting for you. 


Your teachers at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13, Lancaster Literacy Success Center, and Milagro House
Collage of graduates
Meet our
2019-2020 HSE Graduates
+Selected as Class Speakers, *Graduates of Milagro House, **Graduates of LLSC
Tiffany Acevedo
Zainab Al Robeiy
Maria Almestica*
Daisy Alvarez*
Moises Amaro
Zacha Baez*
Mikayla Barrett
Julia Boyer
Hunter Bradley
Kristy Brady
Dashawn Buie
Nathan Carr
Abcde Carty
Damarise Colon-Rodriguez+
Joy Demascole
Kris Demascole
Gean Denis
Miguel Diaz
Amy Dower
Augie Entwistle
Christina Fake
Leon Fisher**
Hilary Caleb Gbotoe
Angeli Gomez*
David Grande
Jayden Gray
Sade' Griffin
Dijon Gunn
Crystal Horst
Charles Huss
Audrey Jamison
Shakerha Johnson
Madelyn Kready
John Lantz+**
Hannah Lathan
Amanda Lemons
Brandon Lewis
Nicholas Luvara
Anthony Martinez
Ashley McFadden**
Matthew McHugh

Israel Melendez
Samantha Mendez*
Iris Mitchell+*
Sydnie Mitchell
Megan Morgan*
Emmasue Oberholtzer
Adeola Ogunwusi
Rosaly Ortiz
Anthony Padilla
Roy Parraga
Luis Petrilli-Rivera
Alexis Phann
Desirae Rivera
Taylor Rudy*
Tyler Singer
Matthias Talbott
Oliver Thompson
Gaitang Tizih
Sky Wagner
Anthony Watkins
Nick Wilkins**

Graduate Spotlight: Damaris Rodriguez
Picture of HSE Grad Damaris
What brought you to look for an HSE class?

This was my third attempt to go back to school; the first two were a complete fail, but I did manage to get my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) several years ago (but I am not as fast as I used to be). This time, when I decided to try once again for my GED, fear crept in big time. The thought of going back to school made me cry! But I felt inside that I must do it; I had support from my family, friends, and church. This was not my will, because I wanted to run – this was all God’s will for my life to better myself.

Tim Talk!

Hey Grads, our IU13 Community Education Director has a message for you at the bottom!
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One of our iu13 teachers in a classroom with students
Summer Classes Available:
Be one of our future grads. If you or someone you know is looking to better their education or job skills, please contact us. For more information call us at 717-606-1708 or e-mail at .
Lancaster @ Careerlink
IU13 HSE Student: Mark
HSE Student Mark working hard preparing for his exam.
What brought you to look for an HSE class?

I had a rough childhood with behavioral issues, which doomed my schooling years. I dropped out in 11 th grade but was still taking 9 th and 10th-grade classes. As I look back to those years, it’s hard to believe that one can make so many poor choices and mistakes, and still have opportunities to make it right some years later. 

I became interested in getting my GED primarily to stay relevant in the workforce. Now I have discovered that it’s so much more than that. The way I feel about myself has changed. I have the confidence to stand and face the things that scare me; this is so much better than the fear that has had me running for years. 

IU13 HSE Graduate: Moises Amaro
HSE Graduate Moises takes a selfie right after passing his GED exams
Community Education teachers and staff celebrated on May 27th when Moises Amaro passed his final subject test to earn his high school equivalency (HSE). Unemployed as a result of Covid-19, Moises decided to use this time to “make a good thing out of it.”

Moises first started working on his HSE in 2004. With life’s interruptions, including work and four children, it was not until 2016 that he returned to his studies and then took a break again. When he rejoined the Community Education class in the spring, he had just one test left to conquer math. “When I first started, I didn’t think I was good enough to learn,” Moises says. “But if you trust the teachers and give them a chance, it’ll work out. I poured my effort into it.”

Moises is looking forward to the future, with next steps including trade school or culinary school. To current and prospective students, he encourages them: “Sometimes it seems impossible but in the end, you’ll be grateful you did. It’s never too late, no matter how old you are.”
Milagro House & Literacy Council
Milagro House Grad:
Iris Mitchell
Milagro House Grad:
Iris Mitchell
What happened in your life that you weren’t able to graduate from high school? 

Growing up for me was never easy, my childhood was so different from others. I saw things as a child that I should’t have seen when I was that young, and as I got older I had no choice but to grow up. The childhood that I should have been living, like going to parks with my friends, going skating, bowling, was something I never experienced. I finished my elementary and middle school days and some of my high school days, but it had just gotten to be too much for me to handle. I always thought of high school as a zoo, a bunch of animals just running loose with absolutely no control, but that’s because I struggle with anxiety also.

I obtained my GED certificate the day after Christmas, December 26th 2019, and it was the best Christmas present ever! 

Literacy Council Grad: Jay Lantz
Literacy Council Grad: Jay Lantz
Jay Lantz began his GED studies in February 2019. Eleven months later, he successfully passed the last test and earned his GED. Jay told us:
“Getting my GED was something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years. It wasn’t until I was looking at different career options that I realized just how much more opportunity would be available if I had my GED. One day I happened to mention this to friends. One of them referred me to Mike (a Literacy Council volunteer tutor) for help and guidance. Now I have a diploma in my hand.”
Currently, Jay is planning to enlist and go into the Marine Corps reserves. Following boot camp, he hopes to pursue criminal justice and work towards law enforcement in some capacity. 
Lancaster Micro-Credentials
To Our Grads:

Congratulations to the following students who successfully graduated from the Administrative Support, CNA, Direct Service Provider, IET-classes in 2019-2020. These intensive courses required a great deal of sacrifice on the part of the students. However, these students persevered through our long Monday-Thursday classes, all the while learning new vocabulary, concepts, and skills (healthcare skills, First Aid/CPR, etc.). In addition, these students studied at night and weekends to pass quizzes, exams and for some complete six-days of clinical experiences at St. Anne’s Retirement Community. 

We salute these hard-working students who are now working on the front-lines, and caring for our most vulnerable citizens during this healthcare crisis! We applaud your determination and perseverance!
CNA - IET Grads with teacher
CNA - IET Grads

September 2019 Graduates:
Amisi D'Bandje, Firehiwot Tegegn, Cerenela Sanchez, Ketia Jules, Maria Elias, and Yida Calderon
Administrative Support Grads with teachers
Administrative Support Grads
 December, 2019 Graduates:
Marisol Mendez, Timothy Shortlidge, Hiliani Almonte, Rashi Sharma, Bernard Robinson, Sherese Kirkland, Manoucheka Louis, Ruth Urbaez, Patricia McFalls, and Jennifer Smith

April 2020 Graduates:
Erica Roman, Kayla Bardales, Linda Quenzer, Monica Traup, Barbara Folker, Priscilla Johnson, Adrienne Matthews, and Kelly Ritchie
Direct Service Worker Grads with teacher
Direct Service Worker Grads
February, 2020 Graduates:
Thuy Kieu Chinh Au, Mya Ray, Sah Baunee, Ha Ngoc Anh Phan, Ha Hong Nhung Phan, Chirta Yocum, Moniqua Ramirez, Qyayla Felder, Lisa Bento, Nahima Denis, and Arelys Ulloa

November 2019 Graduates:
Hiliani Almonte, Jenny Garcia, Jara Abebech, Jamira Jenkins, Donna Jones, Sherese Kirkland, Mercybel Morillo, Delmayra Orellana, Mu Paw Pau, July Paw, Jaqueline Hernandez-Ramos, Rebecca Maina
Teacher Assistant Graduates with teachers on a zoom call
Teacher Assistant Graduates
Congratulations to all the graduates of the Teacher Assistant (TA) Training! Nine individuals started the course in March and continued their studies online after schools stopped holding in-person classes. The students have worked tremendously hard throughout the course to improve their English and technology skills as well as learn valuable content knowledge about special education. All nine individuals completed interviews last week for positions as paraeducators or personal care assistants in Lancaster County schools. We hope to see many of them working as paraeducators in the fall! Congratulations! Students are pictured here in a zoom class with guest speaker Kristin Lentz and teacher Silvia Place-Hildesheim .

Lancaster @ Bright Side
A Note from Bright Side Teacher and Staff:
IU13 Community Education teachers and staff want to send a big congratulations to all the English as a Second Language (ESL) students at Bright Side Opportunities Center for completing the academic year! This year we had the pleasure of working with an exceptional group of students. Congratulations on all your hard work, and we hope to see you in the summer or fall sessions!
Bright Side ESL Student Liliana
Student Spotlight: Liliana
Liliana shares her class experiences: “It is teaching me everyday vocabulary so when I go to the supermarket I know ‘aisle,’ ‘price check,’ and common phrases like ‘how do you say…in English?’ It helps my listening when practicing with others.” Additionally, she comments, “The program lets you know your level so you know where to start and your strengths. Also, they give you great resources such as computers and homework to practice outside of class.” She advises prospective students, “You need dedication every day to learn new words.” 

Lebanon HSE
Lebanon Staff : Congrats 2019-2020 Grad Class
The faculty and staff of IU13 Community Education in Lebanon wish to congratulate all of our graduates from the 2019-2020 school year. We are so proud of you and commend you for the motivation, determination, and perseverance that it took to reach your goal. We know your journey hasn’t been easy but you have overcome all of the obstacles you’ve found on your path! We have enjoyed seeing you grow in many ways in your personal, professional, and academic capacities. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors – keep following your dreams!
Student Gabriel Restrepo
Student Spotlight: Gabriel Restrepo
Gabriel started in Deb Smith’s High School Equivalency (HSE)class in January of this year. Just as he was beginning to think about taking his first HiSet test, the IU13 buildings closed and all classes moved online. Undeterred, Gabriel has been a faithful student and has participated in almost 35 hours of online instruction via Zoom since mid-March. He has also completed learning activities on websites and apps such as Readworks, Quizlet, Kahoot, Khan Academy, and the HiSet preparation course offered through New Readers Press.

HSE Grad Jennifer Remlinger on her graduation day with mother.
HSE grad Jennifer Remlinger with her graduating class and teachers
Graduate Spotlight: Jennifer Remlinger
Jenn began the Family Literacy program in November 2008 and graduated with her High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma the following May. At that time, Jenn’s daughters were six and four years old, and Jenn was working full-time as a cook at Fort Indiantown Gap. As a single mom, she had to juggle many responsibilities, and that meant that she could only study late at night after her daughters went to bed. Undeterred, she says that “I knew I had to do this for them, so whenever I would think I couldn’t do this, I would think about them and how I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

Lebanon Youth Program
Congratulations CNA Grads
Many of you have had to overcome obstacles to complete this course and pass your state certification tests. Know that Mrs. C. and I, (Marilyn Lydic), are very proud of what you have accomplished. We are also especially proud that many of you have been able to work and provide services during this COVID-19 pandemic. Way to go, grads!!!
Graudate Linsey Bogantes holding a certificate
Graduate Spotlight: Linsey Bogantes
She started living on her own when she was seventeen years old and dropped out of school to support herself. It was at this time that she became pregnant with her first son, had him at the age of eighteen, and also married his father. She then had her second son at the age of nineteen. When Linsey was twenty, she moved to Lebanon, Pennsylvania with her husband and children. In order to be a good role model for her boys, Linsey decided to finish her high school education and started attending High School Equivalency classes at the Lancaster Lebanon IU13.

July - August 2019 CNA Grads
July - August 2019
August - October 2019 CNA Grads
August - October 2019
November - December 2019 CNA Grads
November - December 2019
January - February 2020 CNA Grads
January - February 2020
July - August 2019 Class: Mikela Acosta, Linsey Bogates, Siani Falu, Melanie Ndinga, Liticia Orea-Sourwine, Flordalisa Robles.
August - October 2019 Class: Brittany Bates, Tanysha Flores Rivera, Minaja Melendez-Jackson, Ashley Rivera-Rivera, Destiny Ware.
November - December 2019 Class: Kenisha Colmenero-Lopez, Genelis Figueroa, Ashley Howell, Amelia Nardo, Brianna Schneck, Yohanna Taveras-Ramirez.
January - February 2020 Class: Abigail Baez, Idaliz Colon Medina, Brittany Critez, Starr Perrymond, Leysha Rivera-Martinez, Leyidianne Rosario.
Tim Talk
IU13 Community Education Program Director
Tim Shenk program director
We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi
Dear Community Education Learners,

Congratulations on a highly successful year. In spite of COVID 19, you obtained your high school diploma, learned English so you could get a better job, obtained workplace certifications, developed new reading and writing skills, or learned how to better communicate with your neighbors in English. Regardless of your 2019-2020 educational path, congratulations on your forward progress.

Our mission at IU13 Community Education is to educate and inspire lifelong learners, build partnerships, and unite communities to transform lives. I encourage you to join us in fulfilling our mission by making a positive change in the world around you. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Now is the time to create a world in which Black lives matter, where equity abounds, and where peace is achieved through creating systems of justice. Please use the educational knowledge and skills you have gained this past year to unite communities and transform lives.
Contact Information:
For more information about Community Education visit our website
or call
Lancaster 717-606-1708
Lebanon 717-450-1525

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