Congratulations to our November Appraisers of the Month!
This month we are pleased to recognize GSGordon Appraisals, owned and operated by Gary Gordon since 1991. Based out of Pennsylvania, Gary was appraising before certifications were required. Over the years he partnered with high quality appraisers and the company has grown to what it is today. The office staff runs the day-to-day operations, and includes: Sara Silvestri, Hailey Doran, Gabbi Hunter, Michelle Cyr, Katie Gordon, Shana Rimby and Loraine Carolus.
We thank the entire staff at GSGordon Appraisals for their constant professionalism and dedication to delivering timely and accurate appraisal reports. We thank the following appraisers for their quality work:
John Kostovick
John has been appraising since 1995. He has two wonderful children, one awesome grandson, and a grandson on the way. When not working, you can find him salt water fishing.
Leon Ochal
Leon has been appraising since 2008 and in the very little free time he has, he enjoys cooking and spending time with granddaughter Betty, who he likes to call “Payback.”
Augustine Szamboti
Augustine has been appraising since 1998. He has two children and a German Shepherd, and also enjoys exercise, cooking and eating.
Brian Clark
Brian has been appraising since 1998. He has two sons, enjoys fixing old cars, riding motorcycles with his wife, and is also involved in the 4H.