Congratulations to our Maui trip earners!
Drum roll, please! We are about to share the names of those Consultants who will soon be experiencing the warmth, the fun and the sun in Maui.

But first, let's congratulate those Consultants who have earned the trip in the final week of the Maui qualification period.
Please join us in congratulating Consultants Shawna Bellomy, Cayla Biel, Jackie Curtis, Jeanette Dassow, Jo Ruth Hancock, Laura Klingelhoets, Janeen Reid, Mary Saunders, Lori Stone and NEW Consultants Angela Cumberworth, Erica Cumberworth, Celina Garcia and Tina Hinze who have qualified at Level 1 for the trip to Maui!
Let's also take a moment to congratulate those Consultants who moved up a level:

Gina O'Sullivan and NEW Consultant Charity Tchida who moved up to Level 4!

Tara Crawford and Michele Derrick who moved up to Level 3!

Gina LaGalbo, Jennifer Piala, Teresa Rosiere-Martin, Julie Talford and Amy Wilhelm, plus NEW Consultants Kendra Comps and Peggy Maxfield who moved up to Level 2!

Congratulations! Now, who earned a view of the ocean? Here they are...
Maui Top 10
Our FINAL top 10 point earners were:
Amber Juslen
Kristen Hardy
Gina O'Sullivan
Lisa Taylor
Holly Menzer
Haylie Cobb
Michele Derrick
Tara Crawford
Sandra Galaszewski
Charity Tchida
And, here are the names of everybody who earned this amazing trip! One more round of applause for our 2019 Founders' Club trip earners!
ATTENTION TRIP EARNERS! The deadline to complete your trip registration form is Monday, January 7. Even if you cannot join us, please take a moment to complete the form so we have an accurate count of who will be traveling with L'BRI.
Get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Traveling with L'BRI is a beautiful way to go!