We have arrived at the end of our qualification period for this exclusive Montego Bay getaway. But it's just the beginning of beautiful memories for these Consultants during their all-inclusive, indulgent stay at the RIU Palace Jamaica.

First, we'd like to take a minute to congratulate our ten newest trip earners and those who moved up to their final level of indulgence - L'BRI style!
Congratulations to Consultants Sa mantha Anderson , Shawna Bellomy , Alicia Hynes , Laura Klingelhoets , Christy Kornak , Maria Porn , and Amy Wilhelm, PLUS NEW Consultants Jordan Head, Tina McCoy and Kelly Skladanek who all reached Level 1.

A very special round of applause for Gina O'Sullivan who has earned Level 4 - and will be taking a guest with her on this island getaway!

Congratulations to Mishal Long and Kendra Comps who moved up TWO levels to earn Level 3, Laurie Atwater and Julie Talford who also moved up to Level 3.

Congratulations to H aylie Cobb , Kristen Hardy , Kristin Rogers , Teresa Rosiere-Martin , Jennifer Scheidt , Nan Sowieja, Lori Stone and NEW Consultant Becky Dostie who all moved up to Level 2 this week.
Congratulations to all of our trip earners!
Linda Alfonso
Samantha Anderson
Mandy Artz*
Katie Asman
Laurie Atwater
Shawna Bellomy
Shannon Blair
Maria Burgos
Haylie Cobb
Kendra Comps
Christine Cox
Tara Crawford
Jackie Curtis
Becky Dostie*
Sandra Galaszewski
Char Grover
Debbie Guenterberg*
Peggy Hammen-Schuller
Kristen Hardy
Jordan Head*
Laura Hoban*
Roseanna Huss*
Alicia Hynes
Amber Juslen
Jodi Keller
Laura Klingelhoets
Dianne Klopp
Christy Kornak
Liz Kultgen
Gina LaGalbo
Kristy Lauzon
Kari Logterman
Mishal Long
Sandra Lorenz
Ruth Luebker
Charlotte Mahone
Jessica Maxwell
Becky Mazurek*
Tina McCoy*
Holly Menzer
Susanne Meyers*
Sue Nelson
Gina O'Sullivan
Jennifer Piala
Maria Porn
Kay Reppen
Kathy Roen
Kristin Rogers
Marlene Rogers
Teresa Rosiere-Martin
Jennifer Scheidt
Sophie Simms
Kelly Skladanek*
Nan Sowieja
Lori Stone
Julie Talford
Lisa Taylor
Beth Thierfelder
Melinda Tuhy*
Christina Wiedmeyer
Amy Wilhelm
Susan Windsor
Amber Worden*
Melissa Yoder
*New Consultants who started January 1, 2019 or later
Attention trip earners!
The clock is actually ticking! We need your reservation form on Saturday, January 4, 2020. Please take some time to complete the reservation form as soon as you can.

Bringing a guest? Let us know if you’re be traveling with a guest – we need their reservation and travel commitment by January 4 as well.

We can’t wait to share this fabulous all-inclusive destination with you. Get your sunglasses and sandals ready, there’s plenty of sunshine waiting for you in Jamaica. Congratulations!
Jamaica Top 10
As of Friday, January 3, 2020 our FINAL top 10 point earners were:
Melissa Yoder
Lisa Taylor
Amber Juslen
Shannon Blair
Kristy Lauzon
Jodi Keller
Gina O'Sullivan
Kendra Comps
Mishal Long
Laurie Atwater
Congratulations to these top 10 point earners who have earned an ocean-side room for their stay in Jamaica's Montego Bay!
Where will L'BRI go next? You'll want to be at National Convention 2020 to find out! We hope you make plans to be part of the fun and memory-making experience that is a L'BRI travel adventure.