Paradise awaits - join us in Maui!
You won't want to miss this amazing destination as L'BRI heads to beautiful Maui. It's a nature lover's paradise featuring bamboo forests, majestic waterfalls, warm sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets.
Visit the the  official trip site for all the details of how you'll be rewarded with trip points for sales and sponsoring and Shows. To see how many points you have earned so far, visit your Performance Tracker in your Business Center under the Business Tab .
Please join us in congratulating Amber Juslen who has already earned Level 1! Congratulations Amber!
Maui Top 10
As of Thursday morning, August 30, our top 10 point earners were:
Amber Juslen
Sue Nelson
Lisa Taylor
Gina O'Sullivan
Laurie Atwater
Gina LaGalbo
Maria Burgos-Woods
Beth Thierfelder
Liz Kultgen
Kristen Hardy
Get inspired, get motivated and get yourself to Maui!
Many of our top achievers were trip earners as NEW Consultants. Visit the Keys to Success section in the Learning Center to help you get inspired and motivated to work your business and earn this FREE trip to Maui!

Our next Make it to Maui call is TONIGHT, August 30 at 8 p.m. CDT.
To join the call, dial in to (641) 715-3865 and use passcode# 431579#.

Join us and get ready to ride the waves of success to Maui!