Happy Monday! 

We are happy to announce the BIG Ideas finalists from this weekend's BIG Ideas Pitch Event! It was a tough decision to select only a small number of ideas to move forward from the 337 ideas that were submitted. The judges and community members in attendance were impressed by the work, energy and passion behind each of semi finalists ideas. The synergy and support amongst the teams and audience members was inspiring and we are thankful to each and everyone of you who not only submitted an idea but for those who are rallying behind these ideas to make them become a reality.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • East Barber Shop Apprenticeship, East High School; Harry Bernard III
  • Pursuit of Sunshine, West High School; Noemy Lesieutre 
  • Youth Action Teams, MMSD FYCE; Hannah Nerenhausen, Delia Romero-Alvarado and Norah Al-Amoodi  
  • Akira Recording Studio, Toki Middle School, Gavin Garett + Eliav Goldman
  • ALL IN, MMSD Middle Schools + The Office of Re-Engagement; Maxine McKinney de Royston
  • Black Girl Magic, MMSD Elementary Schools + East Feeder schools; Rosa Thompson
  • Mission Possible - Telepresence, MMSD Special Education; Anna Cliff
  • Parent Liaisons, Mendota Community Elementary School; Ebony McKinley
  • Project Based Learning, Shabazz High School; Brian Counselman
  • Teen-zine, Memorial High School + MMSD High Schools; Dominique Christian 
On top of these 10 winners the judges selected 4 other ideas to fund. These additional ideas were selected because they are deeply rooted in MMSD core values and commitment to anti-racism. Each of these ideas also highlighted the need to do this work in partnership with our students, families and community partners.

Congratulations to the additional four ideas for your commitment to anti-racist teaching:

  • MTI CENTRS - Justified Anger; All MMSD Schools; Kerry Motoviloff
  • Student Leadership in Anti-Racist Teaching & Civic Action, Sandburg Elementary; Warren Schwab + Ashley Painter 
  • Transformative Justice, Thoreau Elementary; Dan Davidson + Laura Glaub
  • MMSD Coalition for leading anti-racist schools, Henderson Elementary; Sandra Taylor-Marshall + Rachel Byrd

What this campaign has showcased to MMSD and our greater Madison community is the brilliance and dedication of our staff, students and community members to transform MMSD and close historical gaps. For that, we are deeply grateful. 
Interested in watching the pitches?

Click the video to the right, or view it at mmsd.org/big-idea.

Again, thank you to all of you for your submissions and Congratulations to the 14 finalists!