Congregation Votes to Elevate
Pastor Reggie to Senior Pastor

A Special Congregational Meeting was held at Crown of Glory Lutheran Church on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at 9:50 am. The purpose of the meeting was to vote on the recommendation of our Call Committee and the Church Council to elevate Pastor Reginald C. Klindworth to Senior Pastor of Crown of Glory. 

By a vote of 154 to 3, the congregation voted to ratify the recommendation to ask Pastor Reggie to be our new Senior Pastor. Pastor Reggie took a few moments to express his deep gratitude to the congregation for their faith in him, and pledged to lead Crown of Glory, with all of the congregation’s help, as we embark into our second 50 years.

Steve Tinker, Council President, presided over the meeting. After calling to order, he reviewed the process that our church performed to come to the recommendation of the Call Committee. Our Advisory and Call Committees held numerous meetings, reached out to members, sought the advice of the Synod, created a thorough Ministry Site Profile and interviewed Pastor Reggie as they explored the best options for Crown of Glory. 

The Call Committee identified the following areas of activity or focus that Crown of Glory expects from our new Senior Pastor:

  • Grow membership - welcome, appreciate and provide programming for diverse demographic community
  • Promote and grow stewardship through fresh, innovative approaches
  • Encourage and set a tone of volunteerism of time and talents
  • Continue to build and expand children and youth programs
  • Lead enlightened and meaningful worship services

In addition, the Committee calls upon the Congregation to support our new Senior Pastor in the following ways:

  • Enthusiastic support of new leadership and willingness to embrace change
  • Demonstrate and model willingness to step up for variety of volunteer opportunities within in the congregation and in the community
  • Strong Council, Finance and Human Resource Committee support, engagement, guidance and coaching.
  • Provide sufficient staffing and encourage cohesive teamwork and communication with members and community.
  • Respect, open lines of communication and appreciation.

After establishing a quorum of a minimum of fifty members; 158 members were present and signed in; the vote was called. While ballots were being counted, Tinker reviewed our next steps, as we search for a second Pastor to complement Pastor Reggie. First, we have contacted the Synod and asked for Interim Pastor candidates for a position for the entire program year, through the end of next May. We should have options from the Synod in the next several days. Second, we will establish a new Call Committee to explore the options we have for a permanent position to aid Pastor Reggie and to serve Crown of Glory’s congregation.

A detailed review of the meeting and slides used to guide the meeting are available for review on our website at

Special thanks go to all that were able to participate in our meeting. Your enthusiastic support of the Call Committee’s recommendation is much appreciated by the entire Council and the Advisory and Call Committees.

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