An Update to the CUMC Congregation 
from CUMC's Church Council

September 15, 2021


As you may have heard, the rate of Covid-19 transmission in Fluvanna County has recently increased. Our congregation has been affected, with a few persons contracting the virus, including Pastor Amy.

CUMC’s Church Council met Monday night to discuss whether we need to make temporary changes to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep persons safe. The conversation was friendly and thorough, as we considered the various opinions found in our congregation. We know that there is no decision that would please everyone, but we committed to being safe without being overly reactive.

The Council came up with the following decisions effective through October 17th:

Outdoor Worship
We will worship outdoors through October 17th. As we did this past Sunday, we will worship between the Gathering Place and the Sanctuary in order to reduce the noise from Route 53.

In the case of inclement weather, such as rain, we will move the service into the Gathering Place. All persons will indoors will be required to mask and be socially distanced from persons not in their household.

Small Group Activities
Small groups of 10 persons or fewer will be allowed to meet inside the church buildings. All persons must be masked and socially distanced. We are also asking that every group disinfect after they leave. A cleaning cart with appropriate disinfectants will be placed in the Fellowship Hall and Gathering Place. Groups will be asked not to eat inside the buildings during this time.

Homecoming & The Men's Pancake Breakfast
We regretfully announce that both of these events have been cancelled.

Virtual Worship
As always, virtual (online) worship will continue as it has been. Please contact Pastor Amy if you would like to assist with or participate in these services.

The Council will meet again before October 17th to evaluate CUMC’s services and activities and make recommendations for the future.

In the meantime, we welcome your feedback. Please contact either of us to discuss your questions, concerns and opinions. And as always, we ask that you continue to pray for our church and community.

Carla Lee
Chair, Cunningham Church Council  

Pastor Amy
Pastor, Cunningham UMC