An Update to the CUMC Congregation 
from CUMC's Church Council and Health Church Team

May 19, 2021

CUMC’s Church Council and Healthy Church Team are working hard to safely respond to the changes in guidelines provided by the CDC, our state government, and the Virginia Conference. We would like to thank you for your resilience and patience during this time of change. 

Both groups met together last night and have decided to take the following actions for the next four weeks:

Outdoor Worship
We will continue to worship outdoors for at least the next four Sundays (through June 13). Fully vaccinated persons attending the outdoor worship service will not be required to wear a mask. (We will not be checking for proof of vaccination.) We recognize that some of you feel safer or more comfortable continuing to wear a mask, and we encourage you to do so without judgment. 

In the case of inclement weather, such as rain, we will move the service indoors. We are asking that all persons continue to wear a mask during indoor services in order to better protect our children and immunocompromised members. Additionally, our HVAC system is older and will not circulate the air to the best practices for Covid mitigation. Pastor Amy, having been fully vaccinated, will be allowed to unmask while she is at the lectern.

Small Group Activities
Some small groups (such as UMW, Hand bells, Adult Sunday School, Singles) have begun meeting again. Each group is allowed to decide by consensus whether or not they will require masking at their gatherings if they are the only group meeting at the time. As always, we are reminded that we are called to “Do No Harm,” and ask groups to treat the concerns of others with the utmost compassion and consideration.

Virtual Worship
Virtual (online) worship will continue as it has been. Please contact Pastor Amy if you would like to assist with or participate in these services.

The Council and Healthy Church Team will meet again on June 15 to evaluate CUMC’s services and activities and make recommendations for the future.

In the meantime, we want to know your thoughts and feelings on worship and activities at CUMC. We ask that you take the following short survey (click here). We recognize that our congregational family holds a variety of opinions and feelings about Covid related matters. Your honest responses allow us to consider how to best meet the needs of the community, as well as your individual needs. The responses will not be used to ostracize or shame anyone.

Please contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns. And we ask that you continue to pray for our church and community.

Carla Lee
Chair, Cunningham Church Council  

Pastor Amy
Pastor, Cunningham UMC