Congregational Development
Quick Bites
Congregational Development offers :

  • Training sessions on Saturdays

  • Spiritual retreats

  • Nurtures growth by working with your specific parish

  • Important networking opportunities

  • Relationship & partnership building throughout the diocese

  • Training within each deanery
The office of Congregational Development in the Diocese of Southeast Florida!
Congregational development involves discovering the gifts already existing within the congregation and the needs in the community and bringing these two together in order to more fully make the transforming love of Jesus Christ known to all people.

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The church faces significant challenges, for sure. It suggests that we cannot keep doing what we’ve been doing for decades in the Episcopal Church. In many ways, the model is simply not sustainable. Yet with a challenging diagnosis comes a conviction that we are discovering catalysts that promote spiritual growth. That leads us to be hopeful about the pathway forward. We hope you’ll join us in this exciting journey, as we build cultures of discipleship in the Episcopal Church by making spiritual growth our priority.
This week's inspirational tip:

Americans pray more often, are more likely to attend weekly religious services and ascribe higher importance to faith in their lives than adults in other wealthy, Western democracies, such as Canada, Australia and most European states,
according to a recent  Pew Research Center study .
Congregational Development
The Diocese of Southeast Florida
451 w. 52nd Street
Marathon, FL 33050