Congress Reaches New Deal to Authorize Additional Funds for Paycheck Protection Program

Five days after the Paycheck Protection Program ran out of money and after a high-profile partisan standoff, Congressional leaders have reached a deal. Known as “Stimulus 3.5,” this legislation is an interim pandemic relief bill that extends the SBA loan program originated in the CARES Act (or “Stimulus 3”).

Here is the broad stroke outline of the deal:
  • In addition to increasing the Paycheck Protection Program from $349 billion to $659 billion, the deal also increases funding for Emergency Economic Injury Disaster (EIDL) Grants from $10 billion to $20 billion.
  • It also sets aside the specified funding for Insured Depository Institutions, credit unions, and community financial institutions.
  • A $100 billion set aside for hospitals (a key demand by Democrats eventually agreed to by Republicans) was is also included in this bipartisan deal.
  • The Senate is set to pass the legislative deal late this afternoon (4/22) by unanimous consent; the House of Representatives is requiring Members to return to Washington, D.C., on Thursday, 4/24, to vote on the legislation in person.
  • Technical corrections to the Paycheck Protection Program and additional funding requests are expected to be addressed in a follow-on piece of legislation referred to on Capitol Hill as “Stimulus 4.”
Key Takeaways for Preparing for the All-Clear

We are in a time of significant change, an inflection point like we’ve never seen before. Those businesses that endured 9/11 and the 2007-2008 recession learned a great deal about how to rebound from a crisis. Those lessons will be well-served today as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. But will that be enough to successfully rebound to pre-pandemic business levels?
PIA, SGIA, and NAPCO Media Continue Joint COVID-19 Resource Channel
In these unprecedented and uncertain times, SGIA, PIA and the PIA Affiliates, and NAPCO Media are committed to providing the printing and visual communications industries with the most up-to-date resources on the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The staff is here to help you as we all weather this storm together.
Marketing Strategies for Print Companies During COVID-19

There is no overstating the overwhelming effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our personal and professional lives. “Physical distancing” or “social distancing” have quickly become everyday vernacular and will likely influence the way we move through our day for many months – even years – to come.

The good news is that we’re adaptable as human beings and especially as print and graphics providers. The Great Recession taught us a few valuable lessons that guided our comeback then and can serve as a playbook now.
How Will COVID-19 Change Customer Behavior & Habits?

Consumer behaviors will shift after COVID-19, read which behaviors will stick and how you can incorporate them into your marketing plans
Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility

The health and safety of employees is priority number one if your company is operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has created a situation where every printing operation needs to institute a cleaning and disinfection program that will minimize the possibility of an employee becoming infected. Click below for guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control for businesses
VICTORY! Printers Added to CISA Essential Workforce Guidance

Following a major advocacy effort by PIA, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) released guidance on April 17 officially listing printers and packagers as part of the nation’s essential critical infrastructure workforce. Specific mention of printed material, packaging material, specialty signage, and references to print media in relation to communications, election services, and postal/shipping services are also contained in the guidance.

Earlier versions of the CISA guidance implied printing and packaging companies were essential as part of critical manufacturing supply chains, but absent an explicit definition, PIA member companies have faced confusion or work stoppages as individual states and municipalities issued a patchwork of stay-at-home orders. In several cases, print was excluded by certain states, and the industry was forced to petition governors to amend the original order. This process has created havoc for the industry, its employees, and customers.
Print Is Essential Notice

PIA San Diego has made a PDF for members to download, print out and post to let everyone know that print is essential and you are open for business.
Answers to FAQ COVID-19 Questions From Printing Company Employers  

Adriane Harrison, PIA's Vice President of Human Relations, gives practical advice of how a printer should respond if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, when that worker can return to work, how to minimize exposure among your workforce, if you can require all staff to wear masks, and much more.
Postal Service Imperiled by Pandemic

In these unusual times, our traditional allies for the printing industry in Washington are taking a challenging approach to our interests. President Donald Trump and key conservatives are resisting a potential "bailout" for the USPS. PIA and its allies appealed to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in a letter this week noting that the $10 billion loan granted to USPS in the CARES Act will not be enough to sustain mid-to-long-term operations. USPS anticipates a $13-billion loss from COVID-19 this year and expects a $23-billion loss next year, more than consuming all available liquidity.

PIA is working feverishly to reframe the issue from "bailout" to "business policy." Our letter noted that, "A huge number of imperiled small businesses and nonprofits rely upon USPS, and would not survive its decline, suspension, or higher rates. Any substantial reduction or suspension of services would also exacerbate the financial stress experienced by consumers and impact national morale." Any of the above would also have a negative impact on any of our members who produce material that goes into the mail stream. We are watching developments closely and our national advocacy team in working hard on behalf of our industry.
Hear how you can easily communicate medical information in a clear way to assure your employees are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. From transmission to testing to treatment, this virus can shut down your business, but you can take specific steps to get back on track quickly. Your employees may be counting on you to take every precaution necessary, and we can help you do that.

You Will Learn
  • Clinical truths on transmission, diagnosis and recovery
  • Where are we on vaccines, mitigation and treatment
  • Business recommendations for controlling spread and reinfection.
In these unprecedented and uncertain times, PIA San Diego is committed to providing the printing and graphic arts community with the most up-to-date resources on the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
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