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Congress Passed the Federal Infrastructure Bill,
Now What?
Mapping out a funding strategy for your community
With the federal infrastructure bill becoming law, opportunities for critical and desirable projects for our communities are at the top of mind. For local communities, this is the time to plan out a medium to long-term funding strategy – one that strategically uses local investments and financing solutions to leverage regional, state and federal funding from ongoing grant programs, recently announced sources and future available funding through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Taking the time to map out a strategy upfront will pay off by allowing you to creatively tap into a variety of resources to accomplish more.

Read our Perspectives post to learn about key funding sources to monitor and what you should keep in mind when mapping out a funding strategy.
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Meet Metro Strategies Group
Metro Strategies Group is a women-owned, small business that is proud to work with government agencies as well as private and non-profit organizations to implement creative strategies for the issues that matter to our team. As our new firm evolves, we will carry our past experiences and the foundation Karyn Romano established at Metro Strategies Inc. forward to provide clients with high-quality services. We will continue to advance projects that will improve our region and the communities we work and live in.

Our team possesses expertise that spans multiple industries – from transportation and stormwater management to economic development and environmental issues.
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Upcoming Funding Opportunities
As we suggest in our Perspectives post, Congress Passed the Federal Infrastructure Bill, Now What?, it is vital to be aware of the various grant programs as you map out a funding strategy. Below are some upcoming deadlines, as well as anticipated calls for projects to keep an eye out for.
Application Deadlines
Anticipated New Calls for Projects
  • January 17, 2022: Councils of Government – Surface Transportation Program-Local 
  • Early 2022: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunity
  • Early 2022: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago – Stormwater Partnership Program
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