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Congress and the SEC: Market Structure Crossroads

On Thursday, June 22, two House Financial Services Subcommittees held hearings on oversight of the SEC. Using these hearings as a partial backdrop, we identify a few equity market structure rule proposals that will have major implications for broker dealers and investors, both self-directed and institutional.

With Presenter

Jesse Forster

Head of Equity Market Structure & Technology

Coalition Greenwich

In this Open Call, we discuss:

  • The SEC’s no-action letter on MiFID II requirements that excludes broker dealers from the definition of investment advisor for compensation of certain research services is set to expire July 3, 2023

  • The industry's move towards T+1 settlement

  • The SEC's Equity Market Structure Proposals;

Order Competition Rule & Rule 605

  • Anticipated October release of SEC regulations on the use of new technologies by broker dealers and associated conflicts of interests

Open Call Index

Opening Remarks: 00:00

Q#1: SEC No-Action Letter on MiFID: 03:25

Q#2: Industry Update on T+1 Settlement: 12:40

Q#3: Equity Market Structure Proposals: 18:00

Q#4: Anticipate SEC Regulation on new technologies: 23:45

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About Jesse Forster

Jesse Forster has more than 20 years of experience in electronic equities at global broker dealers. In his role at Coalition Greenwich, he advises asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, ATSs, fintech platforms, regulators and others focusing on equity market structure, algorithmic trading, transaction cost analysis, execution consulting and other areas.

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