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The CONEG Connection        April 25, 2017
The State of Play in Washington This Week:

Congress has until this Friday to reach an agreement on a FY2017 spending package in order to avoid a “government shutdown.” Negotiations had been at an impasse over President Trump’s insistence that $1.4 billion be included to begin building a U.S.-Mexico border wall. After significant bipartisan concerns were broadcasted, border wall funding was pulled and the chance of a government shutdown greatly reduced. Other unresolved spending issues remain, and If Congress cannot complete and pass the 11 outstanding FY2017 spending bills by Friday, another short-term continuing resolution would be needed.

The President is expected to unveil a broad-strokes, tax reform plan as early as tomorrow. Of the key proposals includes a reduction of the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, and tax relief for the middle class. Details on funding the proposal are unlikely to be released.

House Republicans continue discussions on a replacement for the Affordable Care Act however the timeline for Congressional action remains uncertain. With Congress and the White House focused on healthcare and tax reform, the timeline for the Administration’s infrastructure plan’s released will be further delayed, likely into the summer.

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Electricity generation fueled by natural gas is expected to exceed all other fuel types, including coal, for the third summer in a row.
Source: Energy Information Administration

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