November 17, 2020
Dear Friend,
Below is an update on the latest on the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the most up to date information I have at hand regarding recounts and the status of legal actions taken pertaining to the Presidential election. 

  • Earlier today, the state launched a color-coded alert system by county to help residents understand the status of the outbreak in their communities. The classifications are based on metrics recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the state’s own measurements to place counties in three categories:
  • Yellow, indicating significant community spread.
  • Orange, indicating substantial community spread.
  • Red, indicating critical community spread.
  • More about the new system and its metrics is available here.
  • A map of the current ratings by county is below:

Regarding the 2020 Presidential election: President Trump and his team are continuing to exercise their right to explore legal avenues to help ensure that the outcome of the election is legitimate and that any fraud and corruption is uncovered and proven. Litigation is ongoing in states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. An audit that has turned up thousands of previously-uncounted votes is underway in Georgia as well as the state’s recount which has to be completed by tomorrow night. Meanwhile, a recount may take place in Wisconsin. 
I do not know what the outcome of any of these efforts will be, and I do not know whether any of them will affect the outcome of the election. I do know, as Leader McConnell said last week, we have a duty to ensure the sanctity of our democratic process by counting every legal ballot and throwing out every illegally-cast ballot. Our states, our Constitution and our court systems have prescribed processes to address these issues. 

Most states will not actually certify the results of their elections until later this month and in some cases not until December. It is both prudent and appropriate to let these processes run their course before we prejudge an outcome. Some of these lawsuits may eventually end up before the Supreme Court, and no one knows what the outcome would be at this point. Many are speculating — but at the moment, that’s all it is. 
Vice President Al Gore pursued his legal options in 2000 and delayed a decision until that December once the judicial process was exhausted. The ultimate objective should always be to ensure that we have an election outcome that we can all have confidence in. That can only happen with transparency and the patience to let all of this play out. There is a reason why Electors do not meet until December 14th and the swearing-in date is January 20th.  


David Rouzer
November 13, 2020
Dear Friend, 

Here’s the latest on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, both here in North Carolina and around the nation.

  • The number of new cases around the country continues to rise, as testing capacity and speed has dramatically increased and we continue to re-open our economy. Johns Hopkins University reported more than 153,000 new cases nationwide, the country’s highest one-day total yet and the first time daily new cases exceeded 150,000.  

  • Here in North Carolina, cases are rising steadily as well: yesterday, the state reported 1,179 new cases yesterday, with 20 coronavirus-related deaths statewide. 1,423 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 as of yesterday, which is the highest single day total since the start of the pandemic and the third consecutive day of record-high hospitalizations. 

  • Governor Cooper has announced that North Carolina’s indoor mass gathering limit will be lowered to 10 people starting todayThis includes in-home gatherings and social events. Note that this does not change capacity limits for restaurants, fitness centers, personal care services like nail salons, or other venues that already have specific capacity requirements. It also doesn’t apply to religious, worship or funeral services.  A frequently asked questions document about the changes is available here.

  • A new report from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that COVID-19 cases are increasing faster in the state’s rural countiesIt also found that since September, nearly twice as many new cases have been reported in rural counties compared to urban or suburban counties.  Read the report here.

  • These numbers remind us that this virus is still serious. It’s important that we remember to take the precautions that have been necessary for months: wear a mask, social distance as best you can, and constantly wash your hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer. 

  • The key to defeating this virus is a safe, effective and widely-available vaccine. As I noted yesterday, thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, we appear to be nearing that reality: Pfizer, Inc, has announced that its vaccine candidate has proven to be highly effective in Phase 3 trials and will soon await emergency use authorization from the FDA. Back in July, the Trump Administration announced an agreement with Pfizer for large-scale production and delivery of 100 million doses of its vaccine candidate should it be approved by the FDA, with the option to obtain 500 million more doses. This will dramatically reduce the time it will take to get the vaccine to the entire country.  The vaccines will be available to the American people at no cost though your provider may charge your insurer for the cost of administering it.

As always, stay tuned to and the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ website for the latest on the outbreak.  And please feel free to send good news stories our way to highlight in this newsletter by replying to this e-mail. 


David Rouzer

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