The Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Cape Fear Collective and others to launch a regional analysis of the workforce and employment challenges in the six-county region that makes up Southeastern North Carolina. RTI International, an independent non-profit research institute, is conducting the survey. The goal is to study Southeastern NC's workforce challenges and develop policy strategy for the future. It starts with a survey to find out things like:

·           Employers plans for hiring new workers or expanding their operations

·          What types of skills and workers you'll need in the future

·          Where you look for new employees

·          Any challenges you're having hiring or growing

·          Your assessment of the talent pool currently out there

Using results of the survey, we'll work with other organizations to develop data-driven strategies and recommendations to solve the problems we identify. In order for this project to be effective, we need the most accurate and representational data we can get our hands on. That means we need businesses from lots of different sectors and of all different sizes to participate!  Would you be willing to help us out and complete the survey?  If so, please  click here  to begin the survey.

Meaghan Lewis
Director of Programs
Cape Fear Collective
Wilmington, NC

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