Congresswoman Norton To Be Celebrated at Party with a Purpose!
Having sat over a year in waiting, Mary's House for Older Adults, finally received it's 501(c)3 status thanks in part to the efforts and allyship of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Today, D.C.'s aging LGBTQ citizens have a clear space for their voice to be heard and their needs met in the ever present conversation about fair and affordable housing in the nation's capital and even perhaps nationwide as an aspiring model for HUD.
As a long time champion for equality in both the civil rights and women's movement, Congresswoman Holmes Norton sees the fight for LGBTQ equality along the trajectory of the great human rights movements. Her dedication to the mission of Mary's House is that as LGBTQ Americans age they become invisible and less represented in policy discussions and considerations.  Her work to secure our place at the table of discussions around accessible and fair housing has been an invaluable asset as we move to make Mary's House for Older Adults a reality and viable housing option for our aging LGBTQ family. We are thankful for her time and focus and have named a brand new award for the Congresswoman. We are thrilled to both name and also bestow her with the Eleanor Holmes Norton Award for Extraordinary Service to LGBTQ Elders and Older Adults by a Public Servant. 
A statement of thanks from the Congresswoman:
"I am truly honored that Mary's House has named an award for me and selected me to receive its first annual "Eleanor Holmes Norton Award for Extraordinary Service to LGBTQ Elders and Older Adults by a Public Servant."  I was drawn to work with Mary's House because of its pioneering work with our aging LGBTQ population. The LGBTQ movement has long been identified with youthful vigor. Mary's House has had the wisdom to understand that the spunky movement that is winning its rights was more than youthful exuberance and that those who have been on the front line, like other Americans, face challenges with aging, including some needs that require tailored services. LGBTQ seniors will also face ageism and loneliness that many of the elderly experience, as well as homophobia that is peculiar to the LGBTQ community. Affordable housing continues to be such a struggle in the District and other big cities that the resources and expertise Mary's House provides urgently needs to spread or be replicated.  Housing is its own market with no real competition.  The housing market in the near future is not expected to become more affordable for anyone. LGBTQ-friendly housing is perhaps the best hope for ensuring that these older Americans can remain in the District even into their later years."
Please join us on May 28th, 2016 from 3pm to 7pm for our fourth annual Party With a Purpose , where we will award Congresswoman Holmes Norton with the first of many Eleanor Holmes Norton Award for Extraordinary Service to LGBTQ Elders and Older Adults by a Public Servant.  
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About Mary's House for Older Adults, Inc., in Washington, D.C.: Mary's House will be the first residence of its kind in Washington, DC, and one of several in the United States that will target affordable housing for LGBT older adults. Mary's House will assist in the elimination of overt and subtle discriminatory behaviors, specifically in housing toward people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender as they age and experience the need for a more shared communal living environment. For more information, please visit