Last week's note was super-long (a nice clean edited version is now on Medium if you'd like to check it out and share...) so I'll keep this one a bit more brief....

As I mentioned then, the overview effect and acknowledging the unity of humanity is the higher purpose and benefit of any space program, and yet sowing seeds of division continues relentlessly. For example, surrounding the recent feats of space exploration, the media has been negatively spotlighting those who are in my opinion justified in exercising their right to make health decisions about their bodies, which might not be the decision the government wants. The assumptions and accusations as to who has control over such a choice are disturbing to say the least, and are only creating more dis-ease and havoc that has nothing to do with any virus, but can socially and psychologically turn more virulent in ways in which everyone will lose if we don't each take responsibility for our own decisions - medical or otherwise - based on our own unique factors, circumstances and understanding, and respect each other for having done the same. I realize this is a controversial topic, but it's ultimately the only way we can move on to the real work of rebuilding our country and world in a unified way.

Today's essay below reflects some of these themes, and the PGG Video of the Week is the first time it's not my own - that's how much I want you to watch/listen to (preferably with headphones), and more importantly feel these Good Vibrations from The Beach Boys today on this Full Moon, a great example of how very disparate sounds come together in an unexpected way (particularly at the time it was recorded in 1966!) to create a sonic masterpiece. This week's Instagram post is a how a Yogi Tea affirmed what a client told me, and I offer as a reminder that we can all be light for each other no matter who we are or what we do.

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Conjunction Junction
Originally published April 5, 2011

Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously. ~ Mark Twain

I find it curious that the words desperate and disparate sound so similar; although their meanings are distinct and technically have nothing to do with each other, I think there is a correlation.

A well-known strategy used by one group to influence power over another is to “divide and conquer”; it keeps people, things, countries, ideas and religions feeling separate and often opposed to one another. This way they are unable to come together as a unified force and don’t have the strength to accomplish their goals and objectives, which disempowers them. It is an extremely effective tactic, regardless of whether the power desired or deserved outcome on either end is good or bad.

The most obvious place to observe this happening is in the military and political arenas, but there are more subtle ways that this truth can affect us in our everyday lives – within our families, at our jobs, in our neighborhoods, in the media and entertainment we consume, and often, within ourselves.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of folks are feeling disjointed, fragmented and compartmentalized at best; discombobulated or defeated at worst. Everywhere we turn, there seems to be a sledgehammer creating wedges, with myriad of distractions coming at us from all sides: It’s us against them, head against heart, black vs. white, profit vs. people, logic battling intuition, young vs. old; material values vs. spiritual ones, mental vs. emotional health vs. physical health.

As the saying goes, we can’t serve two masters – we must be unified in that which we revere and honor, integrate our disparate parts and connect to who we are, so that we can connect to others for the greater good. Because when we don’t we feel lost and alone, which can lead to feeling desperate. And that is never a good place we want to be – because decisions made out of fear and desperation are never the best choices.

So if you’re having a little trouble synthesizing your yin with your yang, make sure you take some quality time with yourself and/or give me a buzz; I’ll help arrange all your internal and external parts so just like Stevie and Paul’s piano, they too can live side by side and you can live with yourself and others in perfect harmony.

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