I’d like to start by thanking everyone who attended the Conversation with the City Manager sessions. While I may not eat pizza for the next month or two, I enjoyed sitting down and talking with each work group. I encourage everyone to continue conversations with their peers and management to keep the momentum going. I appreciated the chance to connect with everyone in the smaller work groups and I plan to continue this format moving forward. We will be sharing the themes and thoughts we heard from all the sessions in the coming days. 

Given a week has passed since the tragedy in Highland Park, I want to commend everyone for the strength and resilience I’ve witnessed in our staff and community. I have heard stories of how this event has impacted many of our staff and it is comforting to know that I am not alone in how I feel or how I am processing the horrific events. Please continue to support each other and take advantage of the resources the community and City have to offer. As a reminder, you are not alone, and we are all processing this tragic event. 

As we begin the healing process, I hope you take time for yourself and check in with your loved ones and peers. Enjoy the second half of summer and get out in the sunshine as much as you can.


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Meet with MissionSquare


"I am nearing retirement, now what?" - Lunch and Learn 

Jeff Cook, your Retirement Plans Specialist, from MissionSquare will be in Lake Forest for individual 1:1 appointments, and a Lunch and Learn presentation. If you are retiring soon, you probably have questions about your retirement accounts. Learn what you should consider next.




MissionSquare 1:1

Public Safety - Classroom

Friday 7am-4pm

Schedule your in person or virtual meeting with Jeff here.



MissionSquare Lunch and Learn -

"I am nearing retirement, now what?"


Register to learn about how to prepare for retirement - great for employees looking to retire in the next 5 years. 



MissionSquare 1:1

MS - Training Room

9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm 

Schedule your in-person or virtual meeting with Jeff here.

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Marija Perisic

Community Development Administrative Assistant I

Marija obtained her degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Along with being a mom Marija enjoys dance, music, art, playing volleyball and badminton.

Zac Hernandez

Rec Sailing

Program Assistant

Zac has a Bachelor's degree in Sport Industry with a focus on Marketing, Management and Operations from Ohio University. He has his Level 4 U.S. Sailing Small Boat Certification.

Claudia Austin 


Account Clerk III

Claudia has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Along with being a mom, Claudia enjoys long-distance running, cooking, and watching the Chicago Bears!

Lauren Perez


Social Worker

Lauren has a Masters of Social Work from U of I. Along with being a mom of 4 Lauren enjoys skateboarding, knitting, reading and gardening.

Zenaida Cabrera


Administrative Assistant II

Zenaida comes to the City with 12 years of experience with the Cook County Annuity and Benefit Fund. She enjoys spending time with her son and reading a good book.

Christian Cacciatore


Youth Services Specialist

Christian was previously in Human Services and Social Work and is now pursuing an MLIS degree to become a librarian. He is huge sports fan and an avid board gamer.

Jen Finnerty


Adult Services Librarian

Jen also works as a cataloger at North Chicago Public library. Along with being a mom Jen is a cat lover. She enjoys recipes, reading and the outdoors.

Jamese Scott


Staff Accountant I


Jamese began with the City in 2006 as a Account Clerk III, she rejoined the City in 2019 as an Account Clerk III. In February Jamese was promoted to Staff Accountant I.

Matthew Goodman

Community Development

Lead Code Enforcer


Matt has been with the City since 1999 as a Maintenance Worker II in Building Maintenance, he moved to Community Development as a Building Inspector in 2007, and in March Matt was promoted to Lead Code Enforcer. 

Pablo Garcia

PW Streets

Maintenance Worker II

Pablo started with the City in 2011as a Refuse Collector. In May, Pablo was promoted to Maintenance Worker II.

Juan Aguirre Rosiles

PW Sanitation

Maintenance Worker II

Juan started with the City in 2018 as a Seasonal Maintenance Worker for Parks, in 2021 he moved to a Seasonal Maintenance Worker for Sanitation. In May, Juan was promoted to Maintenance Worker II. 

Erik Huston

PW Building Maintenance Supervisor II


Eric started with the City in 2011 as a Maintenance Worker II. In May Eric was promoted to Supervisor in Building Maintenance.

Samuel Nottingham

PW Building Maintenance

Maintenance Worker II


Sam started with the City in 2020 as a Seasonal Maintenance Worker. In June, Sam was promoted to Maintenance Worker II. 

Lt Eric Farr


Lieutenant Paramedic

Lt Farr has been with the Fire Department since 2005 as a Fire Fighter Paramedic. In April he was promoted to Lieutenant. 

Lt Nick Savel


Lieutenant Paramedic

Lt Savel joined the Fire Department in 2006 as a Paid on Call Fire Fighter, in 2007 he was hire full-time as a Firefighter. In 2010 he was promoted to Firefighter Paramedic. In April he was promoted to Lieutenant. 

BC Andrew Allan


Battalion Chief

BC Allan joined the Fire Department in 1999 as a Firefighter, in 2000 he was promoted to Firefighter Paramedic. In 2006 he was promoted to Lieutenant. In May he was promoted to Battalion Chief. 

BC Andrew Rick


Battalion Chief

BC Rick joined the Fire Department in 2008 as a Firefighter, within that same year he was promoted to Firefighter Paramedic. In 2016 he was promoted to Lieutenant. In May he was promoted to Battalion Chief. 

DC Michael Gallo


Deputy Fire Chief


DC Gallo joined the Fire Department in 1994 as a Firefighter, promoted to Firefighter Paramedic in 1996, and in 2007 he was promoted to Lieutenant. DC Gallo was promoted in 2013 to Battalion Chief, and in 2017 he was promoted to Division Chief. In April he was promoted to Deputy Chief.

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Growing Families

Lirio & Rigo Coria (Forestry)

Lily – 2/15

Victoria & Tom Minarik (Fleet)

Kinsley – 2/21

Veronica & Matt Brugioni (Streets)

Corey – 3/1

Melinda & Michael Tiegs (Water Plant)

Flynn – 3/30

Nicole & Byron Kutz (Engineering)

Mikenzie – 4/3

Kelsey & Aaron Bishop (Water Plant)

Layla – 6/11


We heard you missed birthdays...

so we brought them back & this time with photos!

Click below!

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Systems Administrator


Community Service Officer





Building Maintenance


Front Desk Admin

Instructor - Dance

Athletics Program Assistant

Bus Driver


Summer Camp Director


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