APRIL 2022
World Autism Day was on April 2nd and CTN celebrated by spreading awareness and acceptance for all the children and youth that we serve on the autism spectrum every day! Throughout the month of April, look for more information and stories about World Autism Acceptance Month on CTN’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).
CTN is the lead organization responsible for Urgent Response Service (URS) in York Region and Simcoe County. Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), URS is one of the key elements of the ministry’s revamped Ontario Autism Program (OAP). URS is a time-limited (up to 12 weeks), rapid response service that addresses a specific need to prevent further escalation of a child or youth harming themselves, others or property. The service is available to any child or youth registered in the OAP who meets defined ministry criteria, determined through a screening process that looks at high risk factors. URS can be accessed through self-referral or referral from a clinician, care coordinator or other relevant professional.
Families/guests visiting CTN facilities can connect to Wi-Fi through “CTN-Guest” network: Families/guests at Oakridges and Barrie Common Roof sites will need to speak to the receptionist to obtain the password.

For all other sites, speak with the site Local Team Facilitator (LTF) or contact CTN’s Help Desk at helpdesk@ctnsy.ca to obtain the password.  

Our network calendar features events hosted by CTN, our partner organizations and other local community agencies that may be of interest to your family. New workshops, programs and events are added each week.
Niki, Local Team Facilitator at CTN, shares what she has learned during the ten years since her son's autism diagnosis.
CTN Equipment Loan Program (ELP), funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, has recently purchased a FreeWheel® wheelchair attachment. The FreeWheel® attaches to the footrest of your manual wheelchair, transforming it into an all-terrain chair.

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