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We are proud to share Connect - a monthly newsletter for families of kids with special needs and the service providers who support them. If you have feedback on the newsletter, story ideas or want to volunteer to write an article please contact

CTN Survey: What Do You Want Us to Know?
Do you have five minutes to tell what you want us to know about your services from CTN? If so, we hope you will complete our new family survey. We want you to tell us about what we're doing well and where we can improve. Your time, input and feedback are appreciated and will help inform the work we do. All responses are confidential and will be collected and reviewed by CTN.  If you have any questions, need help or need an interpreter to complete this online survey, please contact

Autism Panel Report Released October 30th
Last week, Todd Smith, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, issued a statement after receiving the Autism Advisory Panel's report on recommendations for a new needs-based and sustainable Ontario Autism Program (OAP). The panel's recommendations are currently under review and the Ministry will use it to inform the new OAP. Implementation of the new OAP is planned for April 2020.

Opening Soon! South Simcoe One Roof, Alliston
The Alliston site is moving to its new and permanent location at 117 Young St. in Alliston (beside McDonald's) and will be called South Simcoe One Roof. The last day of operation at the current location (St. John's United Church) is Friday, November 15th, and will open its doors at the new location on Monday, December 2nd.  Catulpa Community Support Services, CLH Developmental Support Services and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) will be sharing the new space. The shared space will foster an inclusive and collaborative environment while creating a place of belonging for all of our clients and families.  

New Online: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) -  
We are pleased to announce that there is a new AAC page on the CTN Website. It is located under the Programs and Services dropdown. The page includes general information on AAC services in Simcoe County and York Region and there is detailed information on CTN's Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS) including the following:
  • Short video about the service
  • Visuals describing the various ways that ACCS can help and how to access services
  • New Referral Packages
  • Clinic Day flyer 
     and more resources to come!


Focus on Fun: Try Out Wheelchair Basketball 
There are many reasons to try out basketball. It promotes fitness and is a great way to meet friends. It's also really fun! It can be played either standing up or sitting down.
Wheelchair basketball offers a fun alternative to the stand up game and has been a recognized Paralympic sport since 1960. Several communities now offer wheelchair basketball in both Simcoe County and York Region. They are geared to youth and are open to youth of all abilities. No experience is required and the wheelchairs are provided. Check out the events page and search basketball for more information. 
This events calendar features events hosted by CTN, our partner organizations and other local organizations that we thought may be of interest to your family. New events are added to our network calendar each week! Check out the upcoming dates for family fun, inclusive recreation programs, camp and parent workshops and coffee chats.

If you're interested in posting your event on our calendar, please complete this  online form .

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