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We are proud to share Connect - a monthly newsletter for families of kids with special needs and the service providers who support them. If you have feedback on the newsletter, story ideas or want to volunteer to write an article please contact info@ctnsy.ca.

Black Lives Matter at CTN: Resources About Racism
CTN supports our Black colleagues, employees, partners, children, youth and families and will not be silent when it comes to issues of racial injustice, hate, prejudice and oppression. Our vision of building brighter futures together includes everyone. 
  • Children's books about race and racism.
  • Video from parenting expert Alyson Schafer on how to speak to children of all ages about racism. 

Brighter Together: Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Join CTN's Board of Directors on Wednesday, June 17th at 6:30 p.m. for our first virtual AGM. If you would like to attend, please register by June 10th and you will receive a meeting link.       

CTN Update: Our Services, Virtual Events and Spreading Cheer
CTN's vision is to build brighter futures together and despite the current need to be apart, we're working with our employees, network partners and families during this challenging time.  Please continue to follow CTN (@CTNKids) on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram  and our website for our most recent updates. 

CanChild Recruiting Families for ENVISAGE Workshops
Canchild is recruiting for their June 2020 ENVISAGE interactive workshops for parents of children under 6 years old with any neurodevelopmental disability. The program includes five weekly, one-hour virtual sessions. 

Protect Yourself from Too Much Information
CTN's neuropsychology team shares tips on how to limit news and social media when it becomes too overwhelming. 

Happy Father's Day 
This year's Father's Day may look a little different because we're physically distancing, but there are many ways to celebrate. Wishing all our CTN dads a very Happy Father's Day!
If you are a Special Needs dad, please check our calendar for our virtual  CTN Dad's Coffee Chat, community support groups for fathers and more ways to connect.

This events calendar features events hosted by CTN, our partner organizations and other local organizations that we thought may be of interest to your family. New events are added to our network calendar each week! Check out the upcoming dates for virtual events.

If you're interested in posting your event on our calendar, please complete this  online form .

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