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We are proud to share Connect - a newsletter designed for families of kids with special needs and the service providers who support them. In this newsletter we hope you find information that is relevant to you. We also share in person events where you can meet local families of kids with special needs. Connect is distributed monthly. If you have any feedback on the newsletter, story ideas or want to volunteer to write an article please contact info@ctnsy.ca.

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Over the next few months, CTN's local teams are launching a brand new newsletter called Community Corner. Community Corner is designed to share local events and information for kids and youth with special needs and their families. It will land in your inbox monthly, between the middle and end of the month. If you are interested in receiving local information through Community Corner click "update profile" at the bottom of this newsletter and select the local areas of interest for you. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@ctnsy.ca

Thank You for Participating in our Family Survey!
Every year, we reach out to our CTN families to get their feedback about their experiences with CTN and our partner agencies, transitions, events, communication and family-centred care. This year we had a 40 per cent response rate and the majority of families are very satisfied or satisfied with CTN.

All About Privacy at CTN
CTN is committed to ensuring confidentiality and protecting your privacy. Our network partners from healthcare, education, recreation, social and community services have joined this commitment and take a team approach to benefit your child's care - at home, at school and in the community.

Playing Wheelchair Basketball with Paralympic Athlete Brad Bowden!
CTN's Recreation Therapist, Kelly Lapham, and All Sports All People Paralympic Athlete Brad Bowden, traveled across Simcoe to visit 600 students at eight different schools to give them the opportunity for students to try a game of wheelchair basketball. 

Arshina's Story: Accepting My Diagnosis
Arshina chronicles what it's like to grow up as a blind woman. In this article she focuses on how to accept disability, even when there are major losses and hurdles along the way.
12 Ideas for Inclusive Summer Fun
CTN's team of recreational therapists created this list of ideas to help all kids (and parents!) enjoy their summer!

This events calendar features events hosted by CTN, our partner organizations and other local organizations that we thought may be of interest to your family. New events are added to our network calendar each week! Check out the upcoming dates for family fun, inclusive recreation programs, camp and parent workshops or coffee chats!

If you're interested in having your event posted on our calendar or have an idea for a seminar, workshop or fun-filled activity that you'd like to see CTN host, please contact us .

Check our June Calendar for these upcoming CTN:

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