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We are proud to share Connect - a monthly newsletter for families of kids with special needs and the service providers who support them. If you have feedback on the newsletter, story ideas or want to volunteer to write an article please contact info@ctnsy.ca.

Virtual Information Fair: #WhatWeWantYouToKnow
Simcoe County's Information Fair has gone virtual! Our CTN Local Team Facilitators collaborated with public and private community agencies and vendors to bring information and resources to you. Watch their video interviews to learn more about programs and services for children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs.

Join Us for CTN Virtual Sibshop Sessions in Simcoe and York
CTN is happy to announce more online Sibshop dates! Sibshops are open to 8-13 year old brothers and sisters of kids with disabilities and developmental needs. These hour and a half Zoom sessions are designed for siblings to have some fun and to learn more about disabilities.


CTN's 2019-2020 Annual Report 
This year's theme - Brighter Together - is a reflection of our accomplishments over the past year, the successes found in facing new situations collaboratively, and the ways in which we worked together despite the need to be apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does this report highlight CTN's achievements, it's also a celebration of our employees, partners and families' collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment to build brighter futures together for the children and youth we serve.

Living in the Present
CTN's neuropsychology team shares tips on how to enjoy the moment and give up past expectations as we head into the summer.

Quarantine Life: What Amina has Learned About Herself 
Adjusting to life in quarantine has had its ups and downs, but for Amina, time away from her usual tasks has meant more time to reconnect with her passions.

This events calendar features events hosted by CTN, our partner organizations and other local organizations that we thought may be of interest to your family. New events are added to our network calendar each week! Check out the upcoming dates for virtual events.

If you're interested in posting your event on our calendar, please complete this  online form .

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