Volume 17 | MARCH 2021
New to Caregiving?
Caregiver 1O1: Understanding Roles, Expectations and Getting Support is an online learning module for people who are new to caregiving.

Whether you’re providing support to a senior, an adult or a child with a physical or mental health challenge, this free self-guided, one-hour course talks about what you can expect and the importance of self-care.

The content is based on caregivers’ own lived-experiences and looks at some of the challenges related to caregiving. You will learn more about the various roles that caregivers can have, the emotional impact of caregiving, and how to access support.
Caregivers Supporting Caregivers
Caregiver mentors pass on lived experiences to support another caregiver in an empowering and meaningful way. While challenges will be different for every caregiver, most can benefit from peer support from time-to-time.

A caregiver may look to another caregiver for support with:

• Feelings of loneliness and isolation
• Emotional challenges
• Developing coping strategies
• Accessing information
• Overcoming guilt

If you feel inspired to mentor another caregiver, we invite you to learn more about this program and how you can help.
You Can't Fill From An Empty Cup
For many caregivers, self-care is not high on the priority list. Yet, providing care for someone can take a tremendous emotional toll. Trying to juggle all your many responsibilities can be stressful and overwhelming at times. On any given day, you may feel angry, sad, depressed and exhausted.

What many caregivers don’t realize is that in order to provide the best care for your family member or friend, you need to take care of yourself too. You can’t fill from an empty cup.

It’s important for caregivers to care for themselves too. Read our blog for some tips on what you can do to manage your stress and fill your own cup!
Upcoming Webinars
April 8: I'm Still Here! Vignettes about Dementia

In this webinar, you will learn about dementia through the experience and training of actors performing in video vignettes. In these vignettes, actors from act2studioWORKS portray real people in emotional and moving situations that will resonate with caregivers. Following the video presentation, Don Baker and Kendelle LaBella will co-host an introduction and talkback session.
This webinar is delivered in partnership with act2studioWORKS and the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. It will not be available as a recording.

This presentation will be in English.
April 29: Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Age-Friendly Communities

Age-Friendly Communities (AFCs) optimize opportunities for health and wellbeing by ensuring their policies, planning processes, structures, and services are accessible to and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities. AFCs encourage us to look at how a community’s physical and social environment and health care intersect to impact our health and wellness.

This webinar will discuss the characteristics of AFCs and how they can apply to caregivers and caregiving to enable healthy aging in the home and communities.

This presentation will be in English and available as a recording after the event.
Past webinars
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