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The SOFII collection aims to be "the most comprehensive, best-organized and most inspiring collection of fundraising-related content from around the world."  If your creative juices are flowing at an all-time low or you're running out of space in your recycle bin for all the scrapped newsletter ideas, then a look at this website just might give you the boost you need.


The site features several "halls" and showcases of varying emphases, such as:

  • The Hall of Excellence and Enterprise
  • The 'Donors First' Hall
  • The Main Methods of Fundraising Hall
  • The Hall of the Individual Donor

The collection of fundraising letters runs the gamut of styles, topic and time - even going back to 1235AD!  


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Non-Profit Job Sites   


Magnifying Glass


The people who work in a non-profit are the backbone of the organization.  Whether they are on staff or volunteers, it is crucial to a non-profit to have arms and legs - and hearts - to do the work and pursue the mission.  There are several ways to advertise if you need to fill a position, but not every site may be the best.  Blue Avocado recently reviewed websites which post non-profit positions and employee/volunteer hopefuls.

The job sites were chosen based on the following criteria:
  • Is the site exclusively for non-profit jobs or does it have a substantial number of non-profit jobs?
  • Are the listings updated regularly?
  • Are special, helpful features included for either the employers or job-seekers? and
  • Are they national or local enough to be helpful?  
According to the article, the best all-around site for non-profit jobs (either a non-profit site or for-profit site) is  The best non-profit site is listed as Opportunity Knocks.  Both of these sites are non-profits themselves and have listings in the US and overseas.  The best commercial site is said to be Simply Hired and the best international site is Devex.  Devex, Development Executive Group, is a non-profit as well and began as a student project at Harvard.

The rating is based on several features, which are noted in the descriptions, such as: the Mission/Purpose, the organization type and longevity, scope, general usability and any social media links.  Further detail is given about the features specific to job seekers and employers.  Some sites allow submission of a resume as well as the online profile.  Any fees that may apply are shared in the features as well, both for the seeker and employer.

There are 32 job sites listed, in all, with varying emphases and features.  You can read the full article here. (pdf)

Non-Profit Spotlight


This month, we are highlighting a non-profit leader in the community.  Cathy Hester is the Executive Director of Hamilton Living Water Ministry in Hamilton, OH.  Living Water Ministry centers around making a positive impact on the lives of at-risk children, youth and families in Hamilton's inner city.  You can find their information at the bottom of this interview.


1105 - Cathy Hester - HLWM

CDP:   Where do you go for advice?

CH:  On my knees in prayer. God is a very important part of my life and ministry.


CDP:  What part of your job do you enjoy most?

CH:  Being with the children and the families here in the community.


CDP:  How are you tackling  the current economic challenges in your professional life?

CH:  We are utilizing the volunteers and in-kind support even more and collaborating with those who are seeking to fulfill the same mission.


CDP:  If you could do something dangerous one time without risk, what would you do?

CH:  Oh my word.  I would learn how to ride a Harley and ride south, straight to the ocean.


CDP:  What personal accomplishment do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

CH:  To work less and spend more time with my family, without a laptop and a cell phone.  I want to go on a mission trip to Guatemala or Mexico, working with children, maybe do a Vacation Bible School program.  I couldn't go to an orphanage, though, because I would want to adopt all of them.


CDP:  Talk briefly about your most life-changing experience.

CH:  My son and his wife gave birth to our second grandson.  Ty is a year and a half old, born with a rare disorder and several life-threatening conditions.  As a mother and grandmother, I want to fix things, fix it all, but I can't.  I have no control.  It has been so difficult for me to stand back and just let go.  My son and daughter-in-law are a pillar of faith and trust.  My grandson has touched so many lives.  He's so young, but he's changed my life and everyone who knows him and his story.


CDP:  Fill in the blank: "The trouble with 'having it all' is...?"

CH:  "...that, in the end, it doesn't matter anyway."


HLWM LogoHamilton Living Water Ministry can be found at the former Jefferson Elementary School:  


510 S 8th Street, Hamilton, OH 45011


CCR Services and Amenities 
CCR Logo 


With funding cuts, donations down and non-profits like you being forced to squeeze even more out of every dollar, it's a struggle to just get through each day.  You are not alone - we are here to help!  Non-profits spend hundreds of dollars each year on operations and back-office expenses.  Besides offering office space for rent, the CCR has special Membership levels giving you access to valuable resources.


For only $150 per month (Investment Member)

  • 4 hours of free consulting on issues related to accounting, funding, marketing, program development and more!  We will answer questions on bookkeeping and software without charging by the call.  We will review a grant before you submit it or help you fill out the forms.  If you need help designing a new program or want to start something new, we can help.  And much more!
  • Access to equipment such as a projector, screen, marketing display board, digital camera, commercial-grade copier and more.
  • Access to software including PowerPoint, MSWord, Excel, Access, Adobe Professional and Creative Suite which includes InDesign, Photoshop and more.
  • Exposure through our partnership with TVHamilton.  Be a guest on CDP's new show In the City to promote your non-profit or event.
  • Access to meeting spaces including a board room, small conference room and training room, as well as, private office space each available by reservation.

We are also offering the Investment Plus Membership for only $250 per month, which includes everything above plus 2 hours of professional services each month.  These services include non-profit formation, grant writing, bookkeeping, grant compliance, marketing or website development and handyman services. 


We appreciate what you do to make our community better.  Call us today at 513.858.1738 to discuss membership! 

CDPBridgeworks Training 

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Register for 
"Back to Basics"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Center for Community Revitalization
332 Dayton St.
Hamilton, OH 45011


This is the basic training for CDP's non-profit partners and recommended as a precursor to CDP's other trainings and workshops. Organizations will learn the six components of organizational development and will be given the tools they need to address each component effectively. This training is highly interactive and requires active participation on the part of each attendee. Organizations are required to commit to action items at the end of training and are offered a certificate upon successful completion of training and action items. Organizations are encouraged to send the Executive Director, 2 or more Board members and 1 or more key staff persons to this training. (Full day training)


Upcoming Bridgeworks Trainings

Forming a Non-Profit: Tues, Jun 14, 2011: Hamilton, OH
Image Development: Thurs, Jun 23, 2011: Hamilton, OH
Understanding Budgets: Tues, Jun 28, 2011: Hamilton, OH
Resource Development through Grant Writing: Thurs, Jul 7: Hamilton, OH

CDPBridgeworks Connect to Funding   


Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Major League Baseball

SUMMARY:  The mission of BTF is to promote and enhance the growth of youth participation in baseball and softball throughout the world by funding programs, fields, coaches' training, and the purchase of uniforms and equipment to encourage and maintain youth participation in the game. Grants are designed to be sufficiently flexible to enable applicants to address needs unique to their communities. The funds are intended to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment.

ELIGIBILITY: BTF provides grants to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in both rural and urban communities.

AWARD: BTF awards an average of 40 grants per year totaling more than $1.5 million annually. The average grant amount is approximately $40,000.

DEADLINE: Grants are offered quarterly.  Next deadline is July 1st, 2011.



Digitizing Historical Records

National Archives and Records Administration

SUMMARY: The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), a part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), supports projects that promote the preservation and use of America's documentary heritage essential to understanding our democracy, history, and culture.  The Commission seeks proposals that use cost-effective methods to digitize nationally significant historical record collections and make the digital versions freely available online. Projects must make use of existing holdings of historical repositories and consist of entire collections or series. The materials should already be available to the public at the archives and described so that projects can re-use existing information to serve as metadata for the digitized collection.

ELIGIBILITY: State governments; County governments; City or township governments; Public and State controlled institutions of higher education; Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized); Non-profits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education; Private institutions of higher education.

AWARD: 5 grants of up to $150,000 for 1-3 years, totally $400,000.

DEADLINE: June 9, 2011


Grants to Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Migrant Programs for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Programs

Administration on Children, Youth and Families

SUMMARY: The primary purpose of this funding opportunity announcement is to provide financial support to selected Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Migrant Programs for child abuse prevention programs and activities that are consistent with the goals outlined by Title II of Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act.  This legislation specifies that one percent of the available funding from Title II will be reserved to fund Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Migrant Programs. The goal of the programs and activities supported by these funds is to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of abuse or neglect within the Tribal and Migrant populations. The funds must support more effective and comprehensive child abuse prevention activities and family support services, including an emphasis on strengthening family life and reaching out to include fathers, that will enhance the lives and ensure the safety and well-being of Migrant and Native American children and their families. Some examples of programs that may be funded include, but are not limited to, voluntary home visiting, respite care, parenting education, mutual support, family resource centers, marriage education, and other family support services.

ELIGIBILITY: Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and migrant programs with the capacity to establish, maintain, and evaluate community-based programs for the prevention of child abuse and neglect are eligible to apply. Applicants must specify if they are applying as a "Tribe" or "Tribal Organization" or "Migrant Program". Non-profit organizations (with and without 501(c)(3) status) are eligible to apply if they operate or plan to operate migrant programs. Collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts are acceptable, but applications must identify a primary applicant responsible for administering the grant.

DEADLINE: July 5, 2011



NEA Arts in Media, FY2012

National Endowment for the Arts

SUMMARY: The Arts Endowment's support of a project may start on May 1, 2012, or any time thereafter. Through this category, the National Endowment for the Arts seeks to make the excellence and diversity of the arts widely available to the American public through every available media platform including television, radio, the Internet, interactive and mobile technologies, digital games, and satellite. By increasing the accessibility and impact of the arts, the Arts Endowment aims to strengthen the creativity of our nation. Grants are available to support the development, production, and national distribution of innovative media projects about the arts (e.g., visual arts, music, dance, literature, design, theater, musical theater, opera, folk & traditional arts, and media arts including film, audio, animation, and digital art) and media projects that can be considered works of art.

ELIGIBILITY: State, county, city or township governments, Independent school districts, Public and State controlled institutions of higher education, Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized), Non-profits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS other than institutions of higher education, Private institutions of higher education.

DEADLINE: September 1, 2011 - Applicants are required to submit their applications electronically through