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Happy IABC New Year

By: Matt Quin, President IABC/London

Welcome to another new year for IABC London. 

The 2014-2015 schedule is taking shape and is packed with fantastic new events and great new student initiatives. I encourage you join us and to bring a colleague so that they too can see what makes IABC London a leading chapter in Canada.

I'm pleased to introduce you to this year's slate of board members:


President Elect:  Katrina Fortner

Past President:  Liisa Sheldrick

Vice President:  Sonya Gilpin

Secretary:  Rachel Macaulay

Membership: Laura Tyrell

Professional Development:   Amanda Stratten; Erin Brinen

Virtuoso/Gala and Awards: Lisa Baldock; Vanessa Dolishny

Treasurer: Ericka Barrett-Greenham

Communications:  Mary-Ellen Willard

Community Relations Director:  Paul Mitchell

Accreditation: Kris Dundas




Speak To The Snowflakes

By: Nathalie Noel, adHOME Creative

We're all unique snowflakes.  We each have different needs and are at different stages of our lives.

The same is true of our customers and clients. Some are tried and true regulars.  Others are newbies who are just dipping their toes in what we have to offer.  We know this, but we don't always remember to communicate with them based on this.


Even Deepak and Oprah aren't doing it right. Despite the fact that I signed up for one of their 3-week meditation programs, I still got weekly emails right up to the start date encouraging me to register.  (You shouldn't be irked by emails about meditation.) Deepak. Dude.  I did register. You sent me a confirmation email, remember? No need to persist with the needless emails cluttering my inbox. You had me at 'Welcome'.


We all have a deep, innate desire to feel special. When we all get the same message regardless of our status or relationship with you, it's like you're not hearing us; and that's [sad face].




What Are You Worth?

Show Me The Metrics! (Picture Courtesy of TriStar Pictures)

 By: Liisa Sheldrick, Past-President IABC/London


The next time you have a performance review.  The next time you need more budget.  The next time you want to hire a new member of your team.  The next time you negotiate your salary.

Will you be able to demonstrate the value your communications work brings to your organization? What are you worth? (And, I am not talking about this weird website.)

Simply put, measurement matters. Corporate communications is no different from any other business function. The ability to determine and provide legitimate metrics for communications ROI will earn management's respect and garner a fair share of company resources for future communications initiatives. The language of numbers may not come naturally to all professional communicators, but learning to speak it will pay in the long run.



Message from 2015 Gold Quill Chair

Dear IABC Members:

It's time for the 2015 IABC Gold Quill Awards and a chance to reflect on the great work you do as communication professionals, teams and agencies around the world.

The IABC Gold Quill Awards recognize the breadth and depth of the communication professional's role. Awards are offered in categories that span the gamut of communication management, skills, research and training.  And just as important as winning awards, we know our entrants use this opportunity to get feedback from senior evaluators that can lead to continuous improvement and professional development.

There are a few key changes to this year's program that you should be aware of:

1.We've moved up deadlines.  The early bird deadline is 12 November 2014 while final entries must be submitted by 7 January 2015.  This will allow us time to evaluate entries and inform winners well in advance of our Gold Quill Gala being held at the IABC World Conference in San Francisco in June.


2.We've made it simpler to submit an entry into the Communication Skills Division.  The new Communication Skills division allows you to simply fill in an online form along with your work sample.


3.We'll recognize global agencies and teams "of the year."  Imagine your agency, corporate communication team or not-for-profit communication team being named one of the best of 2015. These organizations and teams will be showcased at our Awards Gala and can promote their earned status globally.



Local Heroes Of Social Media & New Member Welcome!


When: Wednesday, September 24th 

5:30 p.m.


Where: 585 Richmond Street, London


Tickets: $25 IABC members and students | $35 non-members 

FREE to new IABC members with invite


RSVP is required by 3 p.m, Monday, September 22nd





What's Your Name Again? Navigating a Corporate Rebrand or Repositioning

When: Wednesday, October 22nd     7:30 a.m.


Where: Western Continuing Studies, 355 Wellington Street, London


Tickets:  $25 IABC members & students | $35 non-members


RSVP  is required by 3 p.m, Monday, October 20th



Imagine waking up one morning with a new name, a new persona or a new way of presenting yourself to the world - it would be disorienting to say the least.  

Many organizations experience this same phenomenon during a corporate rebranding or repositioning process.  As a communications professional, at some point in your career, you may be part of this process and we want to make sure that you have the tools you need to succeed. 

Join panelists from LIbro Credit Union, Western University, Lashbrook Marketing & PR, and adHOME Creative 




Networking, Networking, Networking - Meet IABC Member Laura Weedling


By: Jamie Gill and Laura Tyrrell


Networking is the main benefit that Laura Weedling sees in her IABC membership. 

Upon graduating from Fanshawe College and first starting out in communications, she describes herself as shy, timid and soft spoken. Getting involved with the IABC London network helped her understand how she brings value to the communications field, explaining "that it allowed me to get out of my shell a bit... Ok, a lot!" 


Currently, Laura works for London Life as a Marketing Communications Specialist, specializing in online and digital initiatives. "It's a fabulous role for me since it allows me to combine my two inner archetypes: word-nerd and technology-nerd."


Laura has been an active IABC member for over six years. During this time, she has also volunteered with IABC London.  First sitting on the Virtuoso Awards committee and then joining the chapter's board as Co-Director for Professional Development. "With that experience I've been challenged to push myself. I've been able to create some tremendous relationships that have made me be a better professional."

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